Grandpa Roger Wilco (x-number of times removed) was the distant ancestor of Roger Wilco, who lived on Terra III (Earth) many centuries before Roger Wilco was born. He was married to Grandma Wilco (x-number of times removed).


He was a management peons at some great corporation. He relieved the stresses of the workplace by indulging in nonproductive behaviour on  the corporate workstations. Playing computer games during his breaks and meal periods was not considered proper behavior by his superiors, and he was fired. He was stripped of their jobs, income, medical care, and prospects of long term survival as punishment for his antosocial behaviour.

At this time he met a woman who had been fired from teh same job for the same infractions. Both fell deeply in love, a love bonded by their mutual fondness for a particular computer entertainment, Space Quest. Grandpop was initially drawn to it as the main character shared his name. When their first child was born they named her Roger Wilco in honor of their love and in defiance of the corporate scum who had driven them into the streets. It is a tradition in the Wilco family to name a child in each generation, Roger.[1]

Roger sent his stories for Sierra to make games based on his life, to insure that the original Roger Wilco would play those games fall in love, and insure his own existence.

Behind the scenes Edit

To be clear Grandmother is probably not named Roger Wilco, he just married the first Roger Wilco.


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