Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession and/or purpose:

Time Ripper Leader

Games seen or mentioned in:
Locations seen or mentioned in:


Voice Actor(s):

Stuart Moulder

Roger Wilco Jr. is the son of Roger Wilco and Beatrice Creakworm Wankmeister.

Backstory Edit

Roger Jr. is the (presumably only) child of Roger Wilco and Beatrice Wankmeister. He was born on Xenon at some unknown time after Space Quest 6. He was named Roger Jr. by his father himself following the Wilco family tradition of their being a Roger in each generation.

He was 19 years old during the events in Space Quest 12. He appears to be the spitting image of his father, although the Space Quest 4 era version of his father boasts (some would say incorrectly) that Roger Jr. is "not as good-looking".

It is implied that he was orphaned by the time of the events of SQ12, or at the very least, Roger Sr. and Beatrice are completely incapacitated/unavailable at that point.

Nothing is known yet in canon of Roger Jr's early years. When the Vohaul virus infestation occurred during his teenage years, he joined (or formed) and became leader of an insurrection force with the goal of freeing Xenon from Vohaul's control.

Game Involvement Edit


The battle for freedom apparently was going poorly and seemed all but lost, when a last-ditch effort was made to try to retrieve Roger Sr, the only man ever to defeat Vohaul, from a past SQ era.

Roger Jr. and another freedom fighter, Ginia were chosen for the task, and sent to steal time guns from Vohaul, which were capable of creating timerips to past SQ games. They were successful, and used the guns to arrive in the SQ4 era just in the nick of time to save Roger Sr. from being killed by Vohaul's Sequel Police, who had also been trying to track him down.

Roger Jr. sent his father into a timerip which caused him to end up in the SQ12 era, where SQ4 gameplay begins proper. In the meantime, Roger Jr. was captured by the Sequel Policemen, brought before Vohaul, and then imprisoned in the Super Computer's Dome.

At the end of the SQ4 game, Roger Jr. suffered his mind being downloaded onto a disk, and his body possessed by Vohaul so Vohaul could once again attempt to kill Roger Sr. However, Roger Sr. was successful in sending Vohaul's mind back into the Super Computer just in time to have him erased along with the rest of the Super Computer's data. Roger Sr. then restored his son's mind back into his body.

Father and son were then able to talk face to face. Roger Jr. attempted to answer his father's questions as best as possible, but finally decided there was nothing more he could say without giving his father too much dangerous information. He then used his time gun once again, this time to send his father back to the SQ4 era. Nothing more is yet known in canon of what happened to Roger Jr. after that.

Personality and traitsEdit

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Roger Jr./Roger Junior
  • Roger Wilco Jr.
  • Junior

Dialogue Edit

Roger Wilco Jr. (dialogue)

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