"You go left and split 'em up! Mr. Wilco, follow me and do exactly as I say. Let's move!" File:RWJ-SplitEmUp.mp3

"Listen, I can't explain it all to you now. They've got a bean on our coordinates. We've got to move fast." File:RWJ-GotToMoveFast.mp3

"We got to do this fast. Shield your eyes!" File:RWJ-ShieldYourEyes.mp3

"Jump into the time rip! Do it now! You've got to! If I take the time to explain, we're both parking lot pizza! You'll understand soon." File:RWJ-ParkingLotPizza.mp3

"Follow me. There are many things we need to talk about." File:RWJ-FollowMe.mp3

"You must be very confused." File:RWJ-MustBeConfused.mp3

"What do you mean, 'not as good looking?' I'm ten times -- wait, what am I saying? This is no way to start. Yes, what Vohaul said is true. I have many things to tell you, dad. I should start at the beginning." File:RWJ-NotAsGoodLooking.mp3

"I was born 19 years ago, on Xenon. It's always been my home. The Xenon of today -- at least, up until recently -- had made great strides in managing our planet's resources." File:RWJ-19YearsAgo.mp3

"That included water, minerals, even the talent of our population. We enjoyed peace for so many years, we took it for granted." File:RWJ-TookItForGranted.mp3

"The creation of the first Super BioMech computer was the biggest success story in our history." File:RWJ-BiggestSuccessStory.mp3

"When the Vohaul virus was introduced and began to control the computer, a state of total chaos was created. We were unprepared for what followed as Vohaul turned our technology against us." File:RWJ-VohaulVirus.mp3

"The population was quickly decimated. Some of us stayed and tried to fight, some were captured, and some fled the planet." File:RWJ-PopulationQuicklyDecimated.mp3

"When it seemed there was no hope, we thought of one last longshot effort. That was to find the only person in history ever to defeat Vohaul. We had to go back in time to find that person. You. We got there just in time." File:RWJ-LastLongshotEffort.mp3

"I'm sorry. There are some things I - I wish I could tell you, but can't. I know that's not what you want to hear. Believe me, I just can't." File:RWJ-CantTellYou.mp3

"You sure ask a lot of questions for a janitor." File:RWJ-ForAJanitor.mp3

"This is my mother, and your wife. Her name was Beatrice. Beatrice Wankmeister. She was quite beautiful, wasn't she?" File:RWJ-YourWife.mp3

"I'm so sorry, I - I shouldn't have said that! Please, I can't tell you anymore." File:RWJ-ShouldntHaveSaid.mp3

"It doesn't matter now. I have to send you back where I found you so that history will properly reflect the events which brought us to this place in time. You won't remember much. This will seem like it was a weird, fuzzy dream." File:RWJ-AWeirdFuzzyDream.mp3

"I must get back to the task of contacting all the surviving citizens of our planet. We have a huge task ahead of us. Rebuilding our city and our lives will not be easy, but we will do it." File:RWJ-ContactingSurvivingCitizens.mp3

"Once more, I have to ask you to enter the time rip. It will return you to Magmetheus, in the Space Quest IV era. Please, go now. It's time." File:RWJ-ReturnToMagmetheus.mp3

"Dad?" File:RWJ-Dad.mp3

"I'm glad I got to see you, even if only for a few minutes. Xenon owes you a lot. Goodbye, Dad." File:RWJ-GoodbyeDad.mp3

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