Roger Wilco was the father of Roger Wilco, and grandfather of Roger Wilco Jr.


He was decended from a long line of Roger Wilcos including his own father, and in the distant past Grandma Wilco and Grandpa Roger Wilco (x-number of times removed) and their daughter Roger Wilco). It was a long tradition in the Roger Wilco family to name one child from each generation Roger Wilco. Its another tradition that each Roger Wilco is a Maintenance Specialists.

He and his wife had dispensed with all the inconvenient aspects of childbirth, having fathered Roger Wilco in test-tube 696.[1] They later put a forcefield around his playpen, as he grew up.[2]

He and his son could eat a whole bag of N & Ns, and they'd always pick out all the green ones.[3]

When Roger was a child he and his wife discovered that Roger was shortsighted.[4]

He once took his son to World O' Wonders on Phleebhut where he took his son on the double Ferris wheel, which frightened his son.[5] He would also take him up to the elevator to the top of the giant lizard to the top of Mog's head and look out at the view through his eyeball.[6]

After his son graduated from grammar school, he enrolled him in the High School of the Custodial Arts.

He always warned Roger Wilco against pushing things to the limit, and would punish him if he did so.[7]

Roger Wilco's father apparently also read Playboys.[8]


  • Father
  • Dad


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