Ronko ProPeeler (nickname "Miracle AllPurpose") is a Vidoid merchant, owner, and Director of Marketing of Ronko Corporation (RonkCo).


He is known for such mail order products such as the Ronko intruder alarm[1], the U-Cut-It Glass Cutter, the U-Design-It stud and rhinestone machine, the Ronko Invisibility belt, and Ronko Mr. Garbage. He has been known to peddle his wares on board the SpaceBar.[2] Ronko Corporation gadgets have been known to cause false alarms on the Arcada.[3] His company was also the publisher of the Ronko Spacelab Repair Manual, a copy was kept on board the Arcada. Ronko electronics are proprietary and require Ronko brand nonrechargeable batteries to work.

His other products include; new-improved Janitor-In-A-Jug Lite, Janitor-In-A-Jug, miracle no-stickum kitchen pans, miracle Vegoid-o-Matic, combanation miracle food dehydrator and miracle wrinkle creme potion, miracle knives, and miracle dehydrated SpaceMonkeys.[4]


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