No mouth. Odd.

Rumproast Droole is a reddish-hued humanoid from the Gargoyle Cluster. He is a Subcorporal in the StarCon Fleet and was the Nav/weapons technichian, second class on board the SCS Eureka.


Droole is loyal, smart, and intensely ambitious; however, he is not afraid to point out obvious facts, even to superior officers.

He is a surly and sarcastic with an itchy trigger finger. Given the chance, Droole will shoot first and ask questions later. Once stationed on-board the SCS Stupendous he was transferred when he accidently destroyed unarmed robotic freighter while patroling the Neutral Zone (responsible was a defective com-link). This was the reason for his last posting to the Eureka.[1]

He was transferred, along with the rest of Eureka's crew, to the SCS Goliath during the Pukoid incident.


His chemical make up is so full of iron that he rusts in a normal atmosphere.[2]

He was 102 in SQ5.

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