SCS is the identification for a ship belonging to StarCon. For instance, the SCS Eureka would literally be the "StarCon Ship Eureka", the SCS Goliath the "StarCon Ship Goliath", and so on.

Ships bearing 'SCS' Edit

Only a handful of ships are known to bore the SCS notation-the SCS Eureka, the SCS Goliath, the SCS Excalibur, the SCS Stupendous, the SCS DeepShip 12, the SCS DeepShip 86, the SCS Phlegma, the SCS Intrepid, SCS Heinz 57 and the SCS Lollipop.

Other StarCon Ships include the SCS Spruce Goose, SCS Galactica, SCS Polaris, SCS Heart of Gold, and SCS Vorga.[1]


  1. Space Quest Companion, Second Edition, 329

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