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SCS DeepShip 86


Transwarp-Class Starship





Games seen or mentioned in:
Locations seen or mentioned in:

Most of SQ6


Unknown (possibly strong)


Unknown (possibly strong)

Max speed:

High-warp velocities



SCS DeepShip 86' is a StarCon Transwarp-Class Starships, the DeepShip 86 is captained by Kielbasa. It can obtain high-warp velocities for an extended amount of time, and was last assigned shore leave at Polysorbate LX. On the ship, there are quarters, a sickbay, several shuttlebays, a brig, several transporter rooms, and a recreational Holocabana as well as the 8-Rear. The ship is shaped interestingly similar to Roger's underwear.

Transport between these areas is permitted through use of pneumatic tubes, which are accessed from the ComPost. The ComPosts also allow for library computer access.

Ship LocationsEdit

  • Bridge
  • Deck Four (Soylet Sludge Reprocessing Plants)
  • Shuttlebay
  • Brig
  • Engineering
  • Sickbay
  • 3rd-class crew deck


The DeepShip 86 is shaped like a jock strap.

DeepShip 86 (DS86) refers to Deep Space Nine (DS9) - a space station in the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The shape of the ship is also reminiscent of the station.

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