The SCS Excalibur was the proudest flagship in the StarCon Fleet. It was equipped with photon torpedoes and neutron beams and was commanded by one of the Fleet Admirals.

The Excalibur was on course to investigate a mysterious disappearance of several ships in the uncharted region of the Menudo Triangle. The admiral had possibly been selected due to his greate achievements as a military leader and his matchless diplomatic skills. There was however uneasiness about the mission. The fate of trillions was rode on the decisions of the Admiral had to make over the course of several hours. The ship was attacked by stroke ships, its fate unknown.

The events of the SCS Excalibur were reinacted as a simulation exercise at the StarCon Academy. Roger Wilco would sneak into the training simulator whenever he got the chance, putting himself in the role of the Fleet Admiral..

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