• Buckazoids - You already have some buckazoids when starting the game. Used to buy things.
  • Piece of rope - A crummy piece of rope. Found on the Xenon streets. Used to catch the bunny.
  • Unstable ordnance - A piece of unstable ordnance. Found inside the Xenon Battle Tank.
  • A Bunny - A darn cute bunny. Found on the street of Xenon. Used for the battery it has.
  • A Battery - Found inside the fluffy pink bunny. Used to power the PocketPal.
  • A PocketPal - This is just a dumb terminal. It won't do anything by itself. Found inside the trashed skimmer. Used inside the Super Computer.
  • Jar with Green Acid - You have a jar of green acid. Found inside the Sanitation Office. Used to scoop up the Green Slime.
  • Paper-wrapped Wad - This humpy paper-wrapped wad looks mighty interesting. Found inside the pocket of a Sequel Policeman. It possesses as part of the code for the time pod.
  • An Oxygen Tank - Found inside the Latex Babes' cavern. Used to kill the Seaslug.
  • An ATM card - An AutoBucks Teller Machine card! Found on the moving sidewalk. Used to get money.
  • An SQ4 Hintbook - Found in the bargain bin of the Software Excess store and is used for the timepod codes.
  • Hint Revealer - Oh yes, it's a reveal-o-matic electric hint revealer. What do you think it does?
  • Cigar Butt - A cute looking cigar butt. Found on the moving sidewalk. Used inside the laser tunnel.
  • A Book of Matches - Used to light the cigar butt.
  • A Computer Disk - The label on the disk reads: Roger Jr., Brain Tools, Stunt Flyer. Found inside the Super Computer complex. Used to switch Vohaul's brain with Roger Jr.'s.

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