These are characters in the game with only a few lines (or none) and/or little to no backstory, and thus don't warrant their own separate article.

Agent 13 Edit


Agent 13 complains about his situation.

A blatant reference to the old TV show Get Smart. Agent 13 seemed to always end up being stationed in odd places such as mailboxes, washing machines, lockers, etc. In this particular case he ended up being stationed inside the trash can at the Galaxy Galleria Arcade.


"Max, is that you? Agent 99? I always get these lousy disguises! Will you put a word in with the Chief for me? I wouldn't mind, but these kids - all they eat is ice cream and candy bars. You know how many Big Chewies I've eaten in the last hour? Not to mention the wad of Big Bang Bubble Gum I got stuck to my shoephone, sheesh!"


Big and Tall Customer Edit

While playing the CD-ROM version of SQ4, returning to Big & Tall after clearing out the ATM and changing back into regular clothes, but before buying the PocketPal connector from Hz. So Good, will spark an encounter with former Sierra On-Line programmer Bob Andrews.




"Bad color."


"Hey, leave me alone! I've got programming to do."


"Too small."


"There's nothing in my size!"


"I already have 3 pairs of these."


Ulence Flats Bar Bartender Edit


When Roger heads back to Ulence Flats, he encounters the bartender again. The bartender remembers Roger... and also how Roger broke his slot machine...


"Hey, aren't you the guy who broke my slot machine? You owe me some money!"


Sheep Guy Edit

While travelling around the Galaxy Galleria, Roger may encounter a fellow with a strange curiosity about sheep...


"Mr. Carlos sent me. I want to know about the sheep."


Software Excess Customer Edit


During his first visit to the Software Excess store, Roger finds a crowd has gathered. He asks one of the customers what's going on, but the customer eventually gets tired of being badgered...


"The Two Geeks From Andromeda are in there signing copies of their latest release."


"I just told ya! The Two Geeks From Andromeda are in there signing copies of their latest release!"


"Beat it, jerk!"


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