• Buckazoids - Cash. Money. Spendola. However, it has no use in this game.
  • Safety Cones - Orange safety cones. Useful for rerouting unwelcome traffic. Found in the StarCon Academy closet. Used in cleaning the crest.
  • Scrub-o-Matic - Wow!!! The scrub-o-matic power floor scrubber model 1812 with patented sit 'n spin cleaning action! Found in the StarCon Academy closet. Used to clean the crest.
  • Anti-Acid Tablets - Noevart anti-acid tablets. Found in Cliffy's toolbox. Used to calm down Spike 's acidity.
  • A Fuse - High-voltage circuit fuse. Found in Cliffy's toolbox. Used to replace broken fuses on the fuse panel, located inside the Eureka's service tube.
  • A Hole Punch - A hole punch. Found in Cliffy's toolbox. Used at Genetix to punch holes in the business card.
  • A Laser Cutting Torch - A laser cutting torch. This might come in handy if you lock the keys in the car again. Found in Cliffy's toolbox. Used to cut an opening inside the Goliath's hull.
  • StarCon standard issue PCD (Personal Communication Device). You get it when promoted to Captain. Used in various places. Just don't lose it, ya hear!
  • Rebreather Mask - Standard issue Star Confederacy rebreather mask. Found in the storage locker inside the Eureka pod bay. Used to breathe on Thrakus.
  • A Tank - Tanks, a lot: It's full of air! Found in the storage locker inside Eureka's pod bay. Used to supply the EVA pod with extra air.
  • Spike - Your faithful (but not completely house-trained) companion, Spike. Found conveniently in Eureka's trash compartment. Use to save Cliffy and Bea.
  • A Sturdy Branch - A sturdy branch that broke under your weight (maybe someone is trying to tell you something). Found in Kiz Urazgubi "big log" scene. Used "to boulder" WD40.
  • Banana - This exotic, vaguely banana-like fruit grows only here on Kiz Urazgubi. Found in Kiz Urazgubi "big log" scene. Used to stuff WD40's exhaust pipe.
  • A Metal Head - The metal head from the annihilator android, WD40. Found in Kiz Urazgubi "big log" scene.
  • Left-Over Part - A left-over part from Cliffy's overhaul of WD40, the annihilator android.
  • Cloaking Device - Cloaking device recovered from WD40's Ship. Handle with care. Found inside WD40's Ship. Used on the Eureka (installed by Cliffy).
  • A Business Chip - The merchant of Venus' plastoid business chip. Given to you in the spacebar. Used to enter the Genetix lab.
  • Space Monkeys - A package of dehydrated space monkeys given to you by the salesbeast at the Space Bar. A small label at the bottom reads: "Warning: Do not allow contents of package to mix with alcohol." Used to save Cliffy.
  • A Piece of Paper - The battered scrap of paper appears to have some writing on it. Found on the floor of the Klorox II Colony greenhouse. Contains the password for computer log-in.
  • A Frock - A lovely little frock. Too bad it's not your color. Found inside the escape pod on Thrakus. Used for saving yourself.
  • Containers with Liquid Nitrogen - A handy travel sizes container of liquid nitrogen, just the thing to dump in the punch at dull parties. This -200 degree temperature of liquid instantly freezes anything it comes into contact with. Found inside the Genetix lab and used by WD40 on the Goliath bridge.
  • A Distributor Cap - Centuri Products Mark II warp distributor cap. Given to you by Beatrice and used in the engine room of the Goliath.

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