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Requests Edit

  • Create a diagram of how #sq REALLY looks.
  • Add to the Space Quest Quotes list.
  • Add some Reviews.
  • Add Box scans and Screenshots to each game.
  • Add Facts and References to each game.
  • Add the Planets and Ships from each game.
  • Add the history of the Extras from the games, such as the Popular Janitronics magazine.
  • History of Sierra, including talking bears.
  • Transcripts from SQ games (Note every piece of text written. Maybe screenshots, even.)
  • Go way into depth on a backstory, explaining EVERYTHING we know about things, marking sources from comics, from quotes they gave in the story, from printouts.
  • Tell us everything that's known about a subject, such as the Sariens. Chart their names from the series, their appearances in the comics, their style of dialog, everything.
  • Or chart all the Droids that we've ever seen: their names, functions, location, what they do, and where they went.
  • Or explain exactly the transitions that Sludge Vohaul has gone through, with screenshots of everything we know about him, or his holographic image.
  • Map out the SCS Goliath, and give screenshots of each room.
  • Decide to do a detailed map of SQ1, and add screenshots of each background in a page, and link them all, so someone can click from page to page, walking to each scene in the room.
  • Document everything that Droole ever said, and provide a transcript.
  • Give examples of every time we see the narrator talking directly to Roger, as opposed to the audience.
  • Show us every example of Roger talking to the narrator.
  • Go way the hell into some strange sub-section, such as the Bjorn. Include screenshots of every Bjorn ever. Give their names, and their chow preferences.
  • Walkthroughs of each SQ game.
  • Hints, done in Hintbook/UHS style (ie, ever more revealing hints) for SQ0-6 and TLC.
  • Looking at the Arcadia cartridge system and the Timecodes in SQ4, can we translate?
  • Put those SQ1 cartridge codes up? ;)
  • Get pictures of all the Inventory items?
  • SQ6 demo inventory items?
  • Slash fiction? ;)
  • Easter Eggs?
  • A long-winded write up of the Escape Factory situation?
  • You know you're a Space Quest Fan, when...
  • Roger Wilco, Photoshopped into other games/Movies.
  • Plot inconsistencies
  • Non-Sierra Space Quest stuff.
  • Promotional items.
  • Pictures of people in Pig snouts in public places. ;)
  • Homemade StarCon Uniforms.
  • The Betelgeuse plant.