Sacks (Occasionally referred to as Socks1) is a high-class, high-fashion, high-priced women's dress store, found at the Galaxy Galleria and staffed by Maebot, a stylishly feminine SalesBot. It is even fancier than Frederick's of Uranus, stocking such things as genuine Zynthion leather. Instead of conventional displays, Sacks has robot manequins, with real Synthoskin, to model its clothes.

When Roger visited Sacks when he had need to look like a blonde female in order to fool the Autobucks Teller Machine. Although he tried to convince Maebot that he was purchasing for a "Special Friend", she saw straight through it. Luckily for Roger, Maebot is programmed to be discreet in such circumstances.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

The store is a parody of actual clothing retailer Sack's 5th Avenue.


  1. ^  By the narrator when Roger looks at the outside of the shop.