The Sea of Estros is the tranquil and beautiful sea on the planet Estros.[1] The legendary sea forms the Bay of Estros at the base of the Estros Buttes.[2] The shimmering crystal-clear water is calm and inviting, giving no hint of the currents that could suck swimmers under fast enough to pull their skin off and leave their insides standing on the shore. The towering rock structures; the immense and ageless formations were carved over millions of years by the magnificent and placid Sea of Estros.

Eels, jellyfish, and the famous Estrosian Sea Slug make the sea their home.

The Underwater City is built inside a sea cave under the sea.


  1. Narrator (SQ4): "In the distance, you can see the beautiful, tranquil Sea of Estros."
  2. Here at the base of the buttes lies the legendary Sea of Estros.