Sequel Police

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Xenon Dome

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General Information Edit

The Sequel Police (aka Sequel Police Cyborgs) are cyborg and Android forces[1] under the control of Sludge Vohaul to help him ensure that the Space Quest timeline will follow his needs. As cyborgs, they have both robotic and organic elements—they bleed and can be killed. They also appear to still have independent personalities, unlike the unfortunate cyborgs made from Xenon citizens during the events of Space Quest 12; however, they are fiercely loyal to Vohaul and obey his every command. They are generally armed with pulserays/rifles, and can pilot spacecraft and timepods. They appear to be a faction of the COPS under the command of Sludge Vohaul, the initials SP marking their designation.

Game Involvement Edit

The Space Quest 4 game gets underway when Vohaul has his Sequel Police agents kidnap Roger during his sojourn to Magmetheus. The Policemen show Roger a holographic message from Vohaul, whereupon Vohaul then orders them to kill Roger. Before the Sequel Policemen can do so, however, they are stopped by a pair of Time Rippers, including Roger's son, Roger Wilco Jr.

Roger Jr. is successful in saving his father by sending him through a time rip to SQ12, but is then captured himself by the Sequel Policemen, who bring him before Vohaul. The Sequel Policemen then spend the entire game chasing Roger Sr. through the various Space Quest eras. They very nearly catch up to him on Estros, and later in the Galaxy Galleria (the Skate-O-Rama, especially), but each time Roger was able to outwit the Policemen and steal their timepods to travel to new destinations.

Eventually, Roger was able to evade the Sequel Police for the last time and defeat Vohaul. It's not entirely certain what happened to the Sequel Policemen after that, but they obviously ceased pursuing Roger, at least for the time being, since they do not show up in Space Quest 5 or Space Quest 6. It is suspected, however, that they may have been tied in somehow to the Super Computer, and thus were wiped out when the formatting occurred.

Behind the Scenes Edit

If the game is run on a faster computer, the Sequel Police will be much harder to avoid due to faster processing. This includes sneaking into the timepod and floating around the Skate-O-Rama. This was fixed in the 2006 compilation.

Dialogue Edit


"We have confirmation of his position, master."


"Are you Roger Wilco?"


"Please come with me."


"This is the rebel scum we captured in the Space Quest 4 time sector."


"He had just aided Wilco in escaping."


"The readout on his time gun indicates that Wilco was successfully transported into this time sector, as you feared."


"I've just completed a scan of the Labion Sector of Space Quest 2."


"No sign of presence at this time."


"Mrghl... pifhh... zaaft."


"Ghraa... slooh... uuhrp."


"Jobhr... fhalz... klogd."




"Some people just won't follow instructions."


"Let's split up. I'll check out Wilco's time pod."


"Yeah, Wilco's around here, somewhere. I'll search the vicinity."


"Good. I'll cover the opposite direction."


"Long may Vohaul rule supreme!"


"This is Delphoid. You there, Buford? I found Wilco, repeat, I found Wilco!"


"How did he get past me?"


"I shall pursue the Wilco unit. Stay and guard the area."


"Let's split up. I'll check out Wilco's timepod. Our sensors picked up some movement near there."


"I am in pursuit of Wilco."


"This is Buford. You there, Delphoid? I found Wilco, repeat, I found Wilco!"


"We must search each one carefully."


"Yeah. Yeah, right!"


"He must be hiding in a store."


"I will first search Monolith Burger."




"Halt! Wilco!"


"Halt, Wilco!"


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  1. Narrator (SQ4): "Boy, isn't it just like a Sequel Police cyborg to guard the main entrances and exits?"

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