SidneyLand is a sensory wonderpark on Terra III. It has rides and trademarked loveable character robots. It also has a light, sight and sound show that takes an entire half hour to enjoy fully.

A postcard for SidneyLand could be found in the World O' Wonders on Phleebhut.[1]


According to SQ3 which is implied to take place in the Andromeda galaxy, the rack in World 0' Wonders is actually represents cards from accross the galaxy. This would suggest than SidneyLand card most likely is another SidneyLand in the Andromeda Galaxy rather than the one on Earth. But on the other hand in the game there is a postcard that appears to be a picture of Earth, which would contradict the idea that all the cards are from the same galaxy. Other problems with the rack only containing pictures from the same galaxy is that it contains cards one appearing to be from Xenon, and another for Kerona which are in the Earnon galaxy.

Behind the scenesEdit

SidneyLand also appears in the Leisure Suit Larry Bedside Companion, which offers a few more details. That its located in Los Angeles, and that its the home of Sidney Louse. It's the amusement park that Larry passes by in Leisure Suit Larry II.


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