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The Skull Fighter is the main antagonist fighter craft of the Pirates of Pestulon. Built with wings that extend out diagonally in combat mode, the Skull Fighter's forward profile has a striking simularity to that of a skull and crossbones. Roger Wilco is said to have destroyed a number of these in his confrontation with the Pirates in Space Quest 3. The last ones after the battle turned back and took their chances with Pug, rather than risk death.

As read in the Scumsoft article, the companies efforts were put into military ventures, rather than software and computer games. The epitome of this venture was the construction of a revolutionary fighter craft; the Skull Fighter is the end result of those efforts. Sleek, swift and deadly, the machine was capable of being manned by one pilot, despite being built for two. The prototype models Roger encountered carried a feature not seen in any other ship in games. Along with military-grade blasters on its wings, the ship was equipped with ramming shields. The pilots who chased Roger and the Two Guys more than likely tested out this tactic.

Prior to the escape of Roger, it is rumoured that the Skull Fighter was primarily used in bombing raids of other software companies in order to kidnap their programmers and have ScumSoft pawn off their ideas and games as their own. It is unknown just what other ship was used to transport the hundreds of programmers (including The Two Guys) to Pestulon. (Maybe a rental?)

It is unknown how many of the ships, or other models like it, were produced. After the companies closing and bankruptcy, it is also unknown if any other designs were destroyed. Most likely, the Pirates made off with the ships and spread them throughout the galaxy, using them for more nefarious purposes.

One of the three-man fighters was captured from the Pirates of Pestulon during their daring attempt to escape from the confines of Space Quest III.


  • The view of Roger's targeting screen resembles the screen in Darth Vader's TIE Fighter from Star Wars. Even the design of the Skull Fighter resembles an X-Wing.

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The Skull Fighter in flight looks a lot like an X-wing from Star Wars.