The Sludge Bandits are a ring of criminals, the most recent illicit activity of which is the garbage dumping throughout the G6 quadrant (as well as several other sectors throughout the galaxy; B-14, I-3, N-13, G-7, and O-9), and the subsequent spread of the mutation which led to the Pukoid incident. Captain Raemes T. Quirk was personally involved in the organization.

As the criminals employ code names (the one at right is known as "Maggot"; Quirk is known as "Dung Heap"), their present location and activities are unknown.

Beatrice Wankmeister had coined the name Sludge Bandits to call the organization after looking into the rash of illegal dumping in the galaxy, after which the organization adopted the use of the name. The name is somewhat connected to Sludge Vohaul in such that Sludge's nephew Raemes Quirk considers the name to have brought the shames of his past and Sludge's dishonor to the Vohaul family name.[1].

They have a saying "May the Sludge be with you!", which they use to end their conversations. Rodger suspected he heard the voice of his nemesis on board the Maggotoid Ship saying the phrase. But kept his suspicions to himself, and he never learned if it was the case.

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