Software Excess

Software Excess, with its slogan "if it's soft, we're aware", is the only software store in the Galaxy Galleria. This creatively-named establishment has done well enough to sponsor celebrity visits, such as the Two Guys From Andromeda. Prices there are a bit high, however, and better prices may be found in their bargain bin, where they sell such classics as Checkerboard Construction Kit, It Came For Dessert, Kings Quest XXXXVIII - Quest for Disk Space, Boom, Where In The World Is Hymie Lipschitz? (And Who Really Cares), Sim Sim, Cluck Egger's Advanced Chicken Simulator, The Space Quest IV Hintbook, Stunt Flyer[1], and Dacron Danny[2]. A cheerful Sales Clerk is always happy to assist potential shoppers, however an advanced security system is installed, vapourizing shoplifters!

Roger Wilco visited Software Excess in order to purchase the SQ4 hintbook.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • You cannot buy any of the games in the bargain bin, even if you save up enough money to buy them. The prices will increase to make sure you don't buy them.
  • Dacron Danny and Stunt Flyer are mentioned in some of the novelized guides.
  • The background music played outside and inside the shop is reminiscent of old 8-bit internal sound computer music. It plays various themes from other Sierra games such as from Quest For Glory, Leisure Suit Larry series, King's Quest series, and Space Quest.


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