Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Profession and/or purpose:

Sales Clerk

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Backstory Edit

The Software Excess clerk is your typical (young?) retail establishment clerk. He seems to be a cheerful sort (perhaps faking it) who tries to make a sale, even when all he has left is inferior merchandise. He also has a slightly snarky sense of humor.

Game Involvement Edit

During his first visit to the Software Excess store, Roger found that the entrance was blocked by a crowd of people wanting to see the Two Guys From Andromeda, who were making a special appearance. After doing some other tasks in the Galaxy Galleria and returning, Roger found that the crowd had dispersed... but unfortunately the only merchandise left was some items in the store's bargain bin. One of the items turned out to be an SQ4 hint book, however, and Roger decided to buy it in case it proved useful. The clerk apologized for the sudden lack of interesting software, and was happy to take Roger's buckazoids (even if it was only a whopping 5 of them).

Of course, if Roger had decided to be "thrifty" and abscond with the hint book without paying, the ever-observant clerk would have not-so-politely asked/warned Roger if maybe he might like to actually pay for the book. If Roger had ignored the warning and stolen the book anyway, he would have been promptly taken care of by the store's shoplifting deterrence system. But, obviously, Roger was too stupid, er, noble to try such a thing.

Dialogue Edit


"Sorry, but the crowd completely cleaned out my stock of Sierra software. The only thing that's left is boring home-and-business application software, along with a few inferior games. But, feel free to look around anyway!"


"If you're here to return something, forget it. We have a strict no-returns policy. I'd like to help ya out, guy, but... you know how corporations are."


"So, are you looking for a good database? We've got one coming in next week."


"Didn't find anything you like, huh?"


"Have you seen the newest time travel simulator? Neither have I! Ha-ha-ha-ha-HA-ha! I'm sure we're getting some in soon."


"Ah. I see you've made a selection from our box of slop - er, bargain bin."


"I'm sure you'll be satisfied with your selection."


"That will be 5 buckazoids."


"(laughs) Thank you!"


"Excuse me, ma'am. Would you like to pay for that?"


"Excuse me, sir. Would you like to pay for that?"


"I wouldn't try that if I was you."


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