Sorenia is a planet that suffered a cataclysm. The species had to adapt.


Billions of years ago, the planet Sorenia was devastated by a collision with an asteroid. All water evaporated from the ecosystem. Every day the inhabitants survived was a victory.

Eventually, all life perished. Or so it was believed. Many of the lifeforms adapted by encapsulating themselves in cyst-like eggs. When these eggs are immersed in water, they hatch.

One such lifeform was known as the Brine Monkey, a tiny water-breathing simian. Cereno Products Inc. mined the planet for its huge deposits of Brine Monkey Eggs.

(While they were at it, they also mined encysted Brine Apes, Brine Marsupials, and Brine Aardvarks.) Cereno has since marketed the monkey eggs under the trademarked name "Space Monkeys" in comic books.