Soylent Clear is a product of Mr. Soylent. Its jingle is played when accessing the machine. It is a parody of the 1973 sci fi movie Soylent Green, also referencing the 1992-1994 fad of colorless soft drinks such as "Crystal Pepsi" and "Tab Clear."

This world's a great big ball of dirt with fifty billion souls 
       Who like to sit around and veg down in the dark like moles. 
       But me I'm just the kind of girl who loves the open air 
       And bits of unburned hydrocarbons blowing through my hair. 
       New Soylent Clear, at last it's here, with clearly better taste. 
       Less people too, like me and you, and less reprocessed waste. 
       More hearty crunch for snacks or lunch, it's crystal clear to see 
       New Soylent Clear's the last frontier for folks like you and meeeeeee! 
       New Soylent Clear. Clearly less people, clearly more taste.

"The Soylent Clear Jingle." File:Soyclear.mp3

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