SpaceVenture (Spaceventure™) is the tentative title/description for the new funded game from the Guys From Andromeda (aka Two Guys, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe) from their new company 'Guys From Andromeda'.

SpaceVenture is a video game in development by the newly-reunited Two Guys from Andromeda. It was announced only recently, and appears to be a spiritual successor to the Space Quest series. Artwork for the game includes a small spacecraft with the words "RENT ME" on the side and Earth with words engraved on it. The game will feature Gary Owens as narrator.

The project was begun on the website Kickstarter. The TGFA have raised over the $500k minimum limit for funding the project.

Confirmed characters are janitor protagonist Ace Hardway (after hardware store chain Ace Hardware), a robotic dog/toolkit creature, and space superhero Cluck Y'egger (after astronaut Chuck Yager and based on the Astro Chicken series).

Although fulfilling their goal for funding, the Two Guys are still accepting donations so that they can fund more features for the game:

Funding GoalsEdit

  • $550k will allow the game to be translated into German, Spanish, and French
  • $600k will allow for a Cluck Y'egger mini adventure
  • $625k will allow a graphic novel providing a backstory on Cluck Y'Egger
  • $650k will allow for a female protagonist alongside Ace
  • $675k will allow for Pixar quality graphics
  • $700k will allow for an EGA version of the game (a la Space Quest I-III) and the ability to switch between modern and retro graphics (a la Tecmo Bowl Throwback)

External LinksEdit

Kickstarter page

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