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Brine Monkeys are small pseudo-primate creatures from the planet Sorenia that exist in stasis in cyst-like eggs until immersion in water. When hatched in alcohol they possess a pronounced proclivity for procreation.

Brine Monkey Eggs, packaged by Cereno Products Inc. and sold as Space Monkeys.

First seen in Space Quest 5, where Roger was given by Nelo Jones a pack at the Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar. Shortly thereafter, the Space Monkeys were involved in an "incident" leading up to the destruction of the bar.



In seconds your cute, cuddly Space-Monkeys will hatch and come to life right before your eyes! Within seconds you'll be on your way to hours of fun and bogus superiority as you and your friends dominate a lower life form. Space-Monkeys will fill your need to lord over others while bringing laughter and smiles into your otherwise pathetic, lonely, insignificant life.


You'll laugh manically at the antics of these little monsters as they play and frolic. You howl with insensitive abandon as they perform stunts. You'll never tire of watching them, knowing you hold their tiny destinies in your hands.

Raising Space-Monkeys is so easy, any idiot can do it. Feeding is never a problem because they eat each other. Anyone who loves pets will adore these little guys. Would-be meglomaniacs will treasure them as a great substitute for world domination. Best of all, we'll show you how to teach them to obey your every command while avoiding embarrassing questions about the prime directive. Just remember not to feed them after midnight and to keep them away from alcohol.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

Space Monkeys

Billions of years ago, the planet Sorenia was devastated by a collision with an asteroid. All water evaporated from the ecosystem. Every day the inhabitants survived was a victory.

Eventually, all life perished. Or so it was believed. Many of the lifeforms adapted by encapsulating themselves in cyst-like eggs. When these eggs are immersed in water, they hatch.

One such lifeform was known as the Brine Monkey, a tiny water-breathing simian. Cereno Products mined the planet for its huge deposits of Brine Monkey Eggs.

(While they were at it, they also mined encysted Brine Apes, Brine Marsupials, and Brine Aardvarks.) Cereno has since marketed the monkey eggs under the trademarked name "Space Monkeys" in comic books.

Space Monkeys prefer space food sticks (Replicator #6834468) or tangy, piquant brine bananas (Replicator #6588126).


"Just remember not to feed them after midnight" is a reference to the film Gremlins.