Fan game led by DrunkenSanta. Currently cancelled.

Aliens have stolen our semi-hero, Roger Wilco’s, favorite plunger to use in a scheme to eliminate the galaxy of all living beings. The Aliens plan to take the rubber, made from genuine Orat skin, to finish off their Galaxy-B-Gone 4000. This rare Orat skin rubber will fuel the device to vaporize the entire galaxy of living creatures so the self-centered Aliens can have the entire galaxy so they don’t have to sit in intergalactic traffic jams and wait in long lines at Monolith Burger. So it’s up to you, Roger Wilco, to save the galaxy from the threat of the Non-Threatening threatening Aliens.

Project Lead, Graphic Animator, Character Design.
Funkie Da Mouse
Co-Lead, Head programmer, Graphics.
Stinky Jones
Writer, Character/Structure Design.

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