Text-based fan game by Steven Jones. Currently cancelled.

"He's BAAACK! Roger Wilco, sanitation engineer extraordinaire and reluctant hero of the acclaimed space Quest series, is back for another hilarious romp through space...and this time, in gloriously rendered, full-color text! It's just another normal day on the Deepship 86 for our hero, as he struggles valiantly to get his cleaning done before Commander Kielbasa gets on his case again. As is often the case, though, the normality doesn't last long... From out of nowhere, an alien vessel attacks the Deepship with an extremely powerful weapon. Although the crew's quick reactions drive their assailant away, they don't get away unscathed. The ship's star drive has been crippled; without it, they're all but stranded in space. With all the rest of the crew deemed too critical to leave the ship in such a crisis, Roger is 'volunteered' to search for replacement parts at a nearby Starcon outpost on the planet Kouldazel. A cold, desolate ice world, Kouldazel is far from being a convenient one-stop-shopping outlet; as a result, Roger's going to have his work cut out for him as he tries to scrounge up the parts needed to repair the Deepship. Of course, even if he succeeds in getting the Deepship back in working order, he'll still have to deal with the unknown attacker. Well, unknown to Roger, anyway; the pilot of the alien craft certainly knows Roger, and is going to make sure that our hero doesn't survive a second attack..." Please note that 'Kouldazel' is not necessarily the final release name of the planet. I'll be using it until I can come up with something better, or I may keep it; it's too early to tell. "

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