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The Food Wars are here! According to Space Quest history, Monolith Burger is the only fast-food chain to survive the infamous Food Wars, but Ieppi Bleeblenarf has come back in time to kill off Teyrwaof Ureuef, who was supposed to rise up to the ranks to become Chairman & CEO and destroy the opposition. Only you, Roger Wilco, heroic janitor and ex-Monolith employee, can stop him. You hop into your Timebuster 2000 SUX and now you're here to make sure that history isn't compromised. You join Monolith as a Trainee Manager where Ureuef should have, and you must now work your way from restaurant to restaurant, rising up the ranks, to eventually become Chairman & CEO and repair history. Remember, without Monolith Burger, you'd have never rescued the Two Guys From Andromeda or earned enough money to escape from SQ10. Your fate, and the fate of Monolith Burger, now depend on YOU!

The RestaurantEdit

Areas of the RestaurantEdit


This is where all the cooking gets done. The three main areas are:

  • Between 1 and 4 MasterBurger machines. Production speed depends on the model, 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. Also there is a turbo setting, but this exhausts the employees faster. Requires one crewmember per grill, as per MasterBurger 2000. Food takes 20 seconds per burger to prepare (10 on turbo mode). Most products are cooked here. Slides back into the wall during breakfast. Costs 1 bz per minute while turned on.
  • Between 1 and 4 Fryyerarmsoff vats and 1 Holdemayear holding cabinet to store the cooked food. Also requires a Bunomatic toaster for the Permabuns. Can cook 20 Orat pieces per vat, which take 60 seconds to cook and can then be stored in the Holdemayear for 180 seconds. You can then prepare 1 Filet-O-Orat every 5 seconds. Turned off during breakfast. Costs 1 bz per minute while turned on.
  • 1 Wrap & Call station. Typically staffed by your most experienced employee, the wrap & call guy is responsible for checking the quality of food, wrapping the food, and demanding the food. Controls the turbo button on the MasterBurger. Once food is wrapped it is placed in the holding cabinet, where it can be kept for 10 minutes.
  • 1-4 Eggfryers and 1-4 Flat Grills (1 eggfryer and 1 flat grill per trolley). Brought out for breakfast and placed where the MasterBurger machines would normally be. Food takes 20 seconds per burger to prepare (10 on turbo mode). Costs 1 bz per minute while turned on. Stored in stockroom when not in use.

Space Spud StationEdit

One to 4 Fryyerarmsoff vats and one salting tray (automatic ShakeAndSalt machine can be purchased. Always staffed by one or two creatures that look like a fry guy. Fries take 30 seconds to cook either 10, 25, or 50 portions of Space Spuds. Once cooked, they are transferred to the salting tray where they are salted and can be kept for 60 seconds. The fry guy bags them up at a rate of one bag every 2 seconds.

Front CounterEdit

One to ??? tills. Each till manned by one or two people. One person takes the order, suggestive selling whenever possible (possible skill level?). Second (or the same) person collects the order. Service speed is 6-45 seconds depending on speed of staff (assuming the food is there).

Fly thruEdit

(Advanced, space-based levels only.) Two or three windows. Window one places order (as above). Window two takes payment and hands out napkins and Mono Sauce sachets, etc. Window three hands out order. Each window takes 2-15 seconds depending on speed of staff (assuming the food is there). Window two process takes place at window one where there are only two windows, or if window two is closed because it is quiet.

Speaker posts at window one, inserts coins into the slot at window two, airlock or teleporter window is at window three.

Back RoomEdit

  • One Mr. Soylent for creating buns, pickles, etc.
  • A three tub sink, staffed by a droid, for cleaning equipment. Cleans one piece of equipment every 5 minutes.


For storing the carcasses prior to processing.


For storing all the boxes, food wraps, napkins, and permabuns.

Dining Area (DA)Edit

This is where the customers eat. Staffed by 0-2 employees who ride those cleaning machines from SQ5 in order to clean the floor, and also collect trash. A Sweeper can also be developed and then purchased for picking up litter.


Male, Female and Other. Cleaned by the DA staff.


The OpenEdit


Staff arrives, sets up Eggfryers/Flatgrills (take 5 minutes to warm up) and gets food out. Takes one hour. Cooking can be started before opening time if you wish to prepare for a rush.


6am Breakfast menu is served.


Starts when manager says it does, takes five minutes for each piece of equipment.

Eggfryers/FlatGrills are taken away and MasterBurgers are brought out (5 minutes to warm up), Fryyerarmsoff vats are turned on (5 minutes to warm up) and stock is brought out for main menu. Changeover occurs separately for each piece of equipment. No food can be cooked on that piece of equipment during changeover. Eggfryers/FlatGrills must be cleaned in the backroom before being put away.

Main MenuEdit

11am Main menu is served.

The CloseEdit

Every piece of equipment is cleaned. Each MasterBurger must be cleaned in place (10-20 minutes per grill depending on skill of employee). Every table must be cleaned, every inch of floor... everything. Speed of all cleaning tasks depends on skill of employee, and don't forget - the longer it takes, the higher the wages bill.

You may turn off some or all MasterBurgers before closing (to save electricity), however, they must be cleaned immediately, and if you turn them back on again they take 5 minutes to warm up and must be cleaned again at the close.


Managers spend all day sitting in the office don't they? Well, that's up to you. At rush hours (twice a day) you have the option to take up a place at one of the stations. If you do this, it is one less employee that you have to pay!

Wrap and CallEdit

Ask the kitchen staff to cook what you need. Don't run out, but don't hold too much either!



As seen in Space Quest X.

Space Spuds StationEdit

Fry 'em, salt 'em and bag 'em.


Make sure you have enough food in the Holdemaweek, and prepare the Filet-O-Orat.


Basically a memory test. You see the customer's order for 5 seconds, then go get it!


Ride the scrub-o-matic around the dining area, but don't run over any customers!

Restaurant LayoutsEdit

Level OneEdit

Early Restaurant

The OppositionEdit

Opposition ChainsEdit

  • Pizza Shed
  • Duk'em Nuk'em Donuts


Between each level is a sabotage level. This requires you to put an enemy business out of business. These are in normal adventure mode.

Possible missions include:

  • Pest infestation
  • Fake complaints
  • Make a documentary a la "Super-Size Me" about how much they suck

Becoming 24 HoursEdit

Later levels may be open 24 hours a day. This is tricky, as cleaning of grills and all equipment must be done daily, but while open. This requires at least 2 of everything.



This is the percentage of available customers that come to your restaurant as opposed to the opposition. The factors that affect popularity are:

Food QualityEdit

Higher quality food takes longer to prepare, but means happier customers.

Speed of ServiceEdit

Speed of service depends on the skill level of your staff. Faster service means happier customers.

Friendliness of ServiceEdit

Suggestive selling increases profits, but puts off customers.


This is only affected by the bits the customer can see. It takes employees to clean the restaurant, and employees cost buckazoids, but a dirty restaurant puts off customers.


Higher price means more profit, but too high a price will put off customers.


As manager, it is your responsibility to handle complaints immediately. If you ignore them (perhaps you are too busy) or handle them badly then this puts off customers.

Complaints are handled in a "choose what to say next" fashion.


Advertising campaigns cost a lot of money, but encourage customers.

Media CoverageEdit

Visits from VIPs and Inspectors gain media coverage. Good coverage encourages customers, but bad coverage puts them off.


Is it going to be parser or iconic?
What about speech?
What resolution?
Depends how good the artists are and how much effort they want to put into it.
Should it be level/password based or saved game?
Level/Saved. No passwords though. Your research can be carried over, as will awards and the company profits. (Individual restaurant/level profits are separate from company profits.)

Copy ProtectionEdit

Before starting the game, you must pass the Manager's Food Permit test. All the hints are in the manual ;)

Ending the GameEdit

If you get run out of business, you get fed into the MasterBurger, not to mention the rip in the space-time continuum.

To win, complete all the levels, become CEO and destroy the opposition.}}

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