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The younger, pre-apocalyptic Xenon, featuring the "scrapped" version of the Super Computer by a previous SQ4 artist (supposedly how it is inferred to have looked before the Vohaul Virus overtook it.

Set just prior to Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter (and ending with the hijacking of the Starlab Arcada by the Sariens), this fan chapter will emphasize the classic SCI style of game art as depicted in Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon. While it sports a resolution of 800x418 pixels for the actual game background art, it remains 'more-or-less' faithful to the original 16 colors as used by Sierra Online (the exception being four additional new shades, for the sake of making Roger's hair to look blonde without it looking too yellow, for greater differentiation between brunette hair and brown background objects, for greater differentiation between skin tone and pink objects, and also to add orange, which has seemed quite strongly missing over the years).

The game will feature top-notch SCI detailing and animation; but more notably, a script which draws from the SQ5 style of supporting secondary characters which carry through to the game's end, along with rich dialogue and character interaction.

The game is divided into 3 main sections: Beginning, Middle, and End; two of which are streamlined in puzzle-design, and the remaining (the Middle) of which features a broader, King's Quest-like puzzle style. The Beginning Game depicts Roger on pre-apocalyptic Xenon as he adventures through 3 days before attaining a position aboard the StarLab Arcada, via a contract setup through NucleoTherm Hazardous Substance Containment Services (with which he is enrolled as a janitorial apprentice.) Details of the remaining of the adventure have not been publicly revealed as of yet.

There is a website with some interesting information, yet a couple of sections still under construction. A demo has been promised before the release of the final game. This demo is scheduled to come out between January 12th, 2012 and April 12th, 2013. The demo will include an introduction of at least 6 minutes in length, as well a minimum of one, new playable room (Roger's broken-down airstream trailor home).

The aforementioned demo is not to be confused with the one earlier released, which only demonstrated functionality of the Parser/P&C interface, which has been developed as a further improvement upon the SQ6 GUI. This prior demo has been removed due to the author's dislike of its poor representation of the quality of the project, due to its having been slapped together quickly, and by this time very outdated.

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