Fan game by Flashmaster 80 and Turtlewax. Currently cancelled.

He awakes to find himself in total darkness with a sore, swollen knot on his head. He soon realizes he is in a closet of some sort, as the glow around the edges of the door lets some light into the room. As he's fiddling with the handle, the smell of cleaning agents and floor wax in the closet tugs at some distant memory. He searches the depths of his mind... that doesn't take too long... but just can't figure out who or where he is. He gets the door open through the unbelievably lucky use of a paperclip in his pocket, and steps out into a hallway. The hallway is all that's standing in the ruins of an old office building. It's the old Sierra building in Oakhurst. His closet contains his inventory from the end of SQ6(?) and some old random items. (History note: he was stashed away there by force) He finds other similar closets bearing the nameplates "Sonny" and "Graham" (Police Quest and King's Quest heroes) and gets a few useful items (police badge, broadsword, etc) from their inventories. As he makes his way out of the ruined building into the overgrown woods outside, he sees a sign with the words "KEEP OUT. PROPERTY OF THE UNIVERSAL DICTATORSHIP OF VIVENDISTAN." The plot? Basically, Vohaul has time-traveled to the late 20th century Earth and commandeered Sierra with his corporate minions from Vivendi(stan) Universal. The sole purpose of his trip was to stop any Space Quest sequels from occurring. Roger must travel to France, Vohaul's base of operations, and thwart his attempted destruction of the computer game industry, namely Roger in particular. Well, there's a lot of details between start and end, obviously, but you get the idea. Roger (well, ANONYMOUS Roger) is on 21st century Earth, stashed in a closet at Sierra's Oakhurst facility, and Vohaul is in power at Vivendi Universal in France.

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