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Space Quest: The Lost Chapter

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System Requirements

8088/8086 CPU; 256KB RAM; Video: CGA, EGA, Hercules, or Tandy/PCjr; Sound cards: PC Speaker or Tandy/PCjr



General Information Edit

Space Quest: The Lost Chapter is a fan made sequel to Space Quest 2. Released in 2000 by a fan going by the name of Vonster, it was a hit in the Space Quest fan community and helped to spawn several other fan game projects.

SQ:TLC is written in AGI, and uses text parser input in the style of Space Quest 1 and 2. It is available for download on the official Website for the game (see #Link for download).

Synopsis Edit

This previously unknown sequel in the Space Quest Saga begins with Roger Wilco, our beloved hero, still floating in space after defeating Vohaul in SQ2. After who knows how long drifting in space, Roger's escape vessel is trapped by an unknown planet's gravitational pull and crash lands on the planet. The crash triggers the release of the sleep chamber that Roger is snoozing away in. He soon wakes to find himself still inside the escape pod, and also quite blonde!

After clearing his head, and exiting the chamber, Roger surveys his surroundings, finding that he has crashed on a planet that is heavily vegetated. He exits the pod and starts exploring the planet. In his explorations, Roger comes across many new forms of life, some of which aren't too happy to see him, but what's new?

Unbeknownst to Roger, aliens testing a weapon in neaby space were responsible for the crash. Having detected his escape pod and that one life form was aboard, they move to deal with the situation.

Back on the planet Roger is trying hard to stay alive long enough to get off the planet. Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to help Roger escape... or at least hope he finds edible plant-life so he can survive.

Behind the scenesEdit

The premise for the Lost Chapter suggests that Roger's cryosleep had been disturbed at least once betwen SQ2 and SQ3. It ignores the fact as noted in the introduction of Space Quest III, and information in sources such as the Space Quest Companion, and the Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, and other sources, that Roger had been completely undisturbed between end of Space Quest 2 and his capture on board the garbage freighter.

The Lost Chapter attempts to get around this detail by suggesting that Roger's mind is wiped following the adventure, he is returned to the pod, and the pod is placed back into its original position and drift so as to avoid contaminating any Future Timestreams.

The story suggests that Roger will exist and be important to multiple Future Timelines, and in at least one of these became a very important person on Xenon leading to the construction of the Wilco Interactive AI.

Link for downloadEdit

You may download SQ:TLC at the official website.

Credits Edit

Everything but the kitchen sink

Game Development System

  • Jeff Stephenson
  • Chris Iden
  • Robert E. Heitman

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