SQ -2: The Xenonian Corruption is a fan game by Danny "Dee" Bloks.

This game doesn't feature Roger Wilco, but Bob Wilco, Roger's father. Bob lives on his own on the blue planet Xenon. He's a proud janitor in the Imperial Residence in Xenon City (the capital of Xenon). The emperor of Xenon has two sons, Frank and Roger (Bob's best friend) Yorba. Frank, as being the oldest son, would be heir to the empire. Alas for Frank there has been a proposition from the counsel of Earnon to get rid of all kingdoms and empires, and start a democratic, unified system across the whole of Earnon Galaxy. This would mean that Frank will never get in power of Xenon, and as his father, Peter Yorba, seems in favour for this proposition, Frank decides his father has to go. Thus, Frank plots his fathers murder with an alien race called the Fraggers. These Fraggers promise to kill Emperor Yorba, but in return they make Frank promise that he uses his power to ban all food from Xenon, and only sell Quatz™. Quatz™ is a green, slimy fluid food which the Fraggers produce. The economy on Quonzai X-9 (the Fraggers home planet) isn't all that, so by making sure that Quatz™ is the only thing sold at Xenon, they hope that their economy will restore. Well, naturally, Bob accidentally overhears a conversation between Frank & the Fraggers and during this conversation, a girl walks in. This girl is Aria, and the Fraggers take her with them, to serve as ingredient for their Quatz™. Bob is madly in love with Aria (though he never had the guts to tell her) so he follows in his Broom Car 3500™, and this is were your quest begins. You need to help Bob save Aria, Emperor Yorba & his home planet.

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