The following are excerpts from the Space Quest FAQ.


by Jess Morrissette

The date was June 15, 1987. It was my birthday and I had just received a copy of Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter from my parents. That entire day, my best friend and I were glued to the monitor, working our way out of the Arcada and down to Kerona. As a matter of fact, one of my other gifts that birthday was a cassette recorder. I still have an audio tape of my friend and me the first time we played Space Quest, cracking up at the jokes and brainstorming our way through the puzzles.

Jump ahead to November, 1995. I toiled away in my dorm room at school, working on my first website. I had just discovered the Internet a couple of months prior when I first came to college. I was busy teaching myself to use graphics programs, writing walk-throughs, and preparing Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset for release on November 29. Day and night I was glued to my monitor, working on the site. When I released it, it was the only Space Quest site on the Web. That first day, other than myself, I had two visitors.

Jump ahead to today, June 15, 1997. It's been exactly ten years since I played my first Space Quest game. We've seen sequels come and go, sending Roger to the past, the future, and even into cyberspace. Perhaps even more impressive is the following Roger Wilco has developed on the Internet. Just a little over a year and a half ago, there was one Space Quest website. Today, there are a couple of dozen sites devoted to Roger, with new sites appearing by the week. Perhaps most impressive, though, is this document you are reading now: The Space Quest FAQ.

Troels Pleimert (the maintainer of the FAQ) and I have been corresponding for quite awhile now. When this Danish wonder first contacted me, I realized I had found a kindred spirit -- another person who appreciated Space Quest as much as I did. In the early days, he started out by doing some great articles for the Broomcloset. However, one day when he mailed me the first version of the Space Quest FAQ, I knew he was really on to something. This document, even in its earliest stages, was a treasure trove of facts and trivia about the Space Quest universe. From seasoned Space Quest veterans to those new to Roger Wilco, the FAQ had something for everyone. Of course, this was only the first incarnation. It grew...

Soon, Troels began expanding the FAQ, including everything from character biographies to voice credits for the CD-ROM versions. Input from Space Quest designers like Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, and Josh Mandel, brought more inside stories to the FAQ than Roger has sponge mops. Today, the document appears on sites all around the Internet, outclassing FAQs for 'other' games, like Quake and Duke Nukem. By version 2.0, the FAQ is a massive document, serving as the official, Sierra-approved tome of Space Quest knowledge. Each installment is full of more Space Quest surprises than the last, and all are a joy to read.

Once again, I'm glued to my monitor.

-Jess Morrissette, webmaster of the first Space Quest fan site ever, "The Virtual Broomcloset"

Story of the FAQ

The idea for this FAQ came, when I first got on the Internet. A friend told me of this Space Quest-site, called the Virtual Broomcloset. I had previously made a few music modules with the SQ3 theme, and so I wrote the webmaster of the Closet (Jess Morrissette) an e-mail, asking him if he'd correspond with me through snail-mail (at the time, I did not yet have an e-mail address). I sent the mail via the local library's internet-access, and after a short while, Jess replied.

When sending him the modules, Jess got very excited and posted them on his page. And I kept sending him stuff through snailmail, until I finally got an e-mail address. Up until the summer of 96, I was contributing a lot of written material for Jess' page (the Sludge Vohaul-story, the Space Quest- story, the trivia, etc.).

Then I got myself a copy of 3D Realms's Duke Nukem 3D, and it had this really great Apogee FAQ attached. So I figured, why not do the same with Space Quest (seeing as I knew a lot about Space Quest). I wrote the first FAQ during the summer of 96, and picked out information all around. (At the time, I was also getting to know Denis Lemire, who contributed a great deal too.)

When I finished the first FAQ, I contacted Jess and asked him to spill his collective knowledge about the series. During that process, he also gave out the URL of Bill Shockley's homepage, and I sent Bill my FAQ. Bill sent back a reply, telling me to ask away. Getting a few extra tidbits from Bill, version 1.1 was on the way.

When I saw the number of Space Quest-sites popping up, I figured: Let's spread the damn thing! So every time a new SQ-site would open up, I sent the webmaster a mail and asked, if he wanted to post the FAQ. And in almost every case, he did.

The idea about an HTML-FAQ came from Denis Lemire, webmaster of the Space Quest Network. When asking for permission to do so, I gave him green light to proceed and -- after a few slowdowns, due to freenet-problems -- Denis got the FAQ up.

A little while after Denis started work on the HTML FAQ, a fellow named Daniel Lundmark also made the same request. The FAQ can also be viewed on his page, in HTML format.

Now the FAQ has been described as "the most thorough batch of SQ info ever" and has even been officialized and approved by Sierra On-Line. And now, with Space Quest 7 in the horizon, things are really picking up...

The FAQ after Troels

Troels handed over the FAQ ownership to Frans in 2002. Frans began implementing the original FAQ into his website SpaceQuest.Net soon afterwards. The FAQ is not updated anymore. Instead, new additions are uploaded to SQN.