Space Quest III Remake


Space Quest III Remake

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25 June 2006

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Space Quest III Remake


SQ3 page


A recreation of SQ3



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New fan remake of Space Quest III by Dogma Day Games. Includes:

  • Full voice acting, including a narrator.
  • Extended plot for those who thought the original was way too short.
  • VGA backgrounds in a unique style.
  • Space Quest V styled sprites.
  • Fun new ways to die.
  • Several new puzzles.

The robot head screen.

The game is in production right now. No release date can be predicted, but hopefully it will be done eventually.

The StoryEdit

We last left our hero, Roger Wilco, drifting aimlessly through space after destroying Vohaul's space fortress. The ship is low on fuel, and Roger lies asleep inside...but not for long. Roger wakes up on a garbage ship. Now dazed, stupefied, and wondering what he's doing there, Roger has to find a way out. Roger must travel to alien worlds, do random things, and once again save the universe from evil.


The bucket loaders.


So far the remake is getting a lot of stuff done. All the death message pics are finished, several backgrounds have been done, and a good time is being had on the production crew. The game is being programmed in AGS, a powerful tool for adventure game making.


The crashsite.

Extended Plot?Edit

The Space Quest III remake will have a slightly extended plot. The extra stuff is being decided and written at the moment, and the very talented Vroomfondel is helping the team with writing these wacky, crazy twists.

Remake Astro ChickenEdit


The end screen.

Astro Chicken was remade as a separate minigame for the never-completed SQ3VGA. It features multiple levels and "space wind". There is no secret code presented at the end of the remake.

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