Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

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Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy



Release date





Single player


Everyone (6 )

Mild Animated Violence


DOS or Windows, Macintosh, Amiga


3.5" Floppy Disk, 5.25" Floppy Disk, or CD

System Requirements

8088/8086 CPU; 640KB RAM; Video: EGA, MCGA, Tandy/PCjr, or VGA; Sound cards: Adlib, Game Blaster (CMS), PC Speaker, PS/1 Audio Card, Roland MT-32, Sound Blaster, Tandy DAC (TL/SL), or Tandy/PCjr


Joystick (Analog), Keyboard, or Mouse

Space Quest 4 was released on floppy disks on March 4th, 1991, and in December 1992 on CD-ROM with full speech support, with Laugh-In announcer Gary Owens as the voice of the narrator. Using the SCI engine, it featured 256 colors, hand painted graphics, and a full, mouse-driven interface. It was one of the first-ever games to use motion capture animation. The game cost over $1,000,000 US to produce, but sold more than its three predecessors combined.

Synopsis Edit

In this installment, Roger embarks on a wacky time-travel adventure to Space Quest games both past and future. A reborn Sludge Vohaul from Space Quest XII chases Roger through time in an attempt to capture and kill him. Besides this postapocalyptic era, Roger also visits Space Quest X (Latex Babes of Estros) and Space Quest I, where the graphics and music become retro and Roger is threatened by a group of monochrome bikers who consider Roger's 256 colors pretentious.


See Space Quest IV Development.

Media Edit

The Space Quest 4 Christmas 1990 TV Commercial (info)
This is a digitalized excerpt of one of the Sierra On-Line VHS Video Catalogs.
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Credits Edit

Voice Cast

  • Gary Owens: Narrator
  • Jeff Bender: Roger Wilco
  • Stuart Moulder: Roger Wilco Jr.
  • Scott Murphy: Sludge Vohaul and The Mustard
  • Kelli Spurgeon: Zondra
  • Josh Mandel: Monolith Burger Manager
  • Jane Jensen: Maebot
  • Mark Seibert: Sequel Police 1
  • Orpehus Hanley: Sequel Police 2
  • Barry Smith: Monochrome Boy, Hz. So Good Salesbot, and Bartender
  • Neil Matz: The Pickle
  • Max Deardorff: The Lettuce
  • Bill Hilton: The PermaBuns
  • Vana Baker: The Mayonnaise
  • Bill Shockley: The Ketchup

Original Concept

  • Mark Crowe
  • Scott Murphy

Project Leader

Scott Murphy Lead Design

  • Mark Crowe
  • Scott Murphy


  • Oliver Brelsford
  • Carlos Escobar
  • Brian K. Hughes
  • Mike Larsen
  • Randy MacNeill
  • Doug Oldfield
  • Raoul Said
  • Jerry Shaw


  • Jon Bock
  • Jane Cardinal
  • Eric Casner
  • Jeff Crowe
  • Desie Hartman
  • James Larsen
  • Nathan Larsen
  • Suzi Livengood
  • Cheryl Loyd
  • Michael A. Milo
  • Gerald Moore
  • Jennifer Schontz
  • Cheryl Sweeney
  • Willis Wong

Music/Sound Programming

  • Ken Allen
  • Robert Atesalp
  • Mark Seibert

Special Thanks To

  • Oliver Brelsford
  • Brian K. Hughes
  • Josh Mandel
  • Doug Oldfield

Development Team

  • Corey Cole
  • Dan Foy
  • Pablo Ghenis
  • Eric Hart
  • John Hartin
  • Robert E. Heitman
  • J. Mark Hood
  • Terry McHenry
  • John Rettig
  • Larry B. Scott
  • Jeff Stephenson
  • Mark Wilden

Executive Producer

Ken Williams

Creative Director

Bill Davis


Guruka Singh Khalsa

Art Designer

Mark Crowe

Lead Programmer

Scott Murphy

Music Director

Mark Seibert

The Role of Roger Wilco

James Larsen

Additional Material

Josh Mandel

Quality Assurance

  • Mike Harian
  • Daniel Scott

Manual Editor

Marti McKenna

Manual Design

Cheryl Sweeney

Manual Contributors

  • Flip Quasar
  • Hugh Iotta
  • Josh Mandel
  • Brian K. Hughes
  • Joe Krittik

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  • While managing Vohaul's server, there are various icons on his desktop. One of them is a King's Quest game, which when deleted will remove a lot of data, referencing the increasing size of King's Quest games. One of them is Space Quest IV itself, which when deleted will close the game.
  • In the CD version, the game will be remarkably harder due to faster processing. Various places where you need to quickly avoid the Sequel Police will be made almost impossible because they appear almost immediately. This was fixed in the 2016 compilation (which slows it down with dosbox timings).
  • If you skip the arcade sequence, you will lose points.