Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers was hifi deluxe version of Space Quest IV developed by Sierra Cosmos On-Line/Sierra On-Line, and produced for the future market of approximately the 24th century or later, and/or time travelers. Though developed by Sierra, it was distributed or produced by ScumSoft.

It had steeper requirements beyond standards of its 1991 (MS-Dos) counterpart (both were published in tandem but across parallel eras). The ScumSoft version was made for more powerful computers of the future, and required FX-DOS, 5012k of efficient futuristic memory (probably something fancier and more efficient than even current earth standards), and a 800mhz processor (it's not sure what MHz are in the future, but its probably faster than earth Megahertz).

Sierra publishes a 350 page SQ4 Hintbook to go along with and offer a helping hand.