The introductions to original Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter.

Space Quest ManualEdit


"Light-years from Earth's solar"
"system the people of the galaxy"
"Earnon have been struggling to"
"maintain the precious balance"
"of life."
"The Sun of Earnon is slowly dying."
"The planets grow cold. Food is"
"no longer plentiful. Life will"
"soon become impossible to sustain."

"The scientific community of"
"Xenon devised a plan to convert"
"one of Earnon's lifeless"
"planets into a new Sun."
"The effort was centered around"
"the development of a device"
"called the Star Generator. The"
"Star Generator would be capable of"
"igniting an otherwise useless"
" planet into a raging ball of flame."
"An expedition set out aboard the"
"starship Arcada to successfully"
"complete development and"
"testing of the Star Generator."
"The Arcada is now returning"
"triumphantly to Xenon with the"
"fully operational Star Generator."
"You serve as a member of the crew of"
"the Arcada as a janitor."
"That's right, a janitor."
"And not a very good one. You"
"would probably have been sacked"
"and replaced were the Arcada"
"not millions of kilometers"
"from Xenon."
"As we join our story, you have"
"just completed one of your famous"
"on-shift naps in one of the"
"janitorial storage closets."

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