Space Quest XII: Vohaul Revenge II


Space Quest XII: Vohaul Revenge II

Team lead(s):


Start date:

15 February, 2009

Release date:

No release date specified


[Website is currently unavailable Space Quest XII: Vohaul Revenge II]




Travel in time and space in order to fulfil your quest!



Position on the SQ timeline:


About the gameEdit


Space. Space! SPAAA-A-ACE!

Sludge Vohaul returns once again to fulfil his revenge. After taking control of Xenon Dome and Super Computer he uses time-travelling technologies and deadly Sequel Police to hunt down Roger Wilco. But things are not as simple as they look like. With help of his friends and tremendous luck Roger escapes every time they try to kill him. But our hero doesn't know about Vohaul's secret trump yet. Will Roger save his ass once again? What happend to Beatrice in Space Quest XII? Why in the world player's character in SQ12 is not Roger? Find answers to all of these (and even more!) questions in Space Quest XII - Vohaul's Revenge II!

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