StarCon Central Command (aka StarCon Command) is the central hub of StarCon.


  • StarCon Command generally frowns upon their ships firing upon other StarCon ships.
  • While it is possible that StarCon Command is located on Xenon (where the Federation president resides), some members can be seen inside of Space Academy near Nova and Nova 9 discussing the Sludge Bandits with Beatrice Wankmeister and Raemes Quirk. This may suggest that the Academy is in the Earnon system. However, one of the members states that the academy is a remote installation. There may be other hints that the academy is located in Oakhurst system as well (as Roger travels to the planet Oakhurst, and WD-40 comes Oakhurst IV).
  • These members had transmitted coordinates of dumping sites to the location of StarCon Central Command.

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