StarCon Shuttle


DS86 seriesHammster Shuttle (1000 Series)


Roger Wilco
(stole the shuttle)





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Sub-decent shields


Not equipped

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Low-warp speeds


Built with a budget of 550,000 buckazoids.

The Hammster shuttle comes standard in Transwarp-Class Starships, such as the SCS DeepShip 86. The shuttle is equipped with an EVA suit, help sign, duct tape, glue, jumper cables, transporter, holographic co-pilot, security system, and auxiliary seating. The shuttle is capable of obtaining low-warp speeds for a short amount of time. It can also process subroutine discs such as the Acme Nanite Detector Shuttle Subroutine.

However, there are no onboard weapons. Bagpipe music is suggested in the event of an attack. (Technically, a panel for controlling the weapon systems exists, but they're not equipped on the shuttle we see in the game.)

The shuttle was built with a budget of "only" 550,000 buckazoids, so many amenities had to be left out, such as airtight seals, airlocks, decent shields, and restrooms. What somewhat compensates for the lack of shielding, is the fact that the shuttle was "built for speed and maneuverability".

The shuttle's windows are made of Quintuple-Thick Hyperglazed Safety Glass.

Buttons for "movies" and "games" are seen on the console, but StarCon was too cheap to spring for those packages.

Plot InconsistencyEdit

If Roger opens the shuttle door while in space without his EVA suit, he is sucked into the void along with the garbage littering the shuttle floor. However, when he does exit with his suit on, the trash remains in place.