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Star Trek is a series of science fiction television series and films that has become a cult phenomenon. The Star Trek canon is subject to parody in the Space Quest series.

General ParodyEdit

Space Quest IEdit

  • In the VGA version, a Romulan Warbird can be seen briefly in the introduction. It also appears during one of the deaths, where it blasts Roger's ship if he strays into the wrong sector.
  • An Enterprise shuttle can be seen parked among other ships near the bar in Ulence Flats in the VGA version.
  • The Star Generator is based off of Project Genesis from The Wrath of Khan.

Space Quest IIEdit

  • Spock is sitting at the bar, saying "Look at the action that just walked in. Nice biped material, eh?"
  • The old USS Enterprise is lurking in the background

Space Quest IIIEdit

  • Before Roger docks at Monolith Burger, the Enterprise can be seen leaving and going to lightspeed.

Space Quest IVEdit

Space Quest VEdit

  • The intro is based on the Next Generation intro
  • The entire game is a parody of Star Trek: the Original Series and Next Generation
  • Raemes Tipper Quirk is a parody of Captain James T. Kirk
  • The "space monkeys" prank is a parody of the episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" in the original series
  • Cliffy is based on Scotty from the original series
  • The instance where Cliffy gets angered from an insult stating that the Eureka is a garbage scow is a reference to a similar instance in the original series
  • WD-40's ship resembles a Klingon Bird of Prey
  • The motto of Star Fleet is referenced at the start.
  • The intro includes a "captain's log"
  • Woof resembles Worf from The Next Generation
  • Shplock is named after Spock from the original series
  • "Stardates" are used throughout the game
  • Rumproast Droole references Star Trek VI when he explains how he can talk, eat, etc without a mouth by saying that "Not everyone keeps their alimentary orifices in the same place".
  • The Enterprise is seen among various other ships in the docking bay of the Academy.
  • On page 20 of the Galactic Inquirer there's an ad for a device called "the Teacher", created by "KARA, Inc." on "Sigma Draconis." The line at the top says "Perform Brain Surgery at Home." This is a reference to the original Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain"[1]
  • The planet in the background of the rotunda is called "Vulcan", in reference to Star Trek. The planet Vulcan is Spock's home planet.
  • The title of the game is a reference to The Next Generation

Space Quest 6Edit

  • Dorff is a parody of Worf from Next Generation
  • The SCS DeepShip 86 is a parody of the Deep Space 9
  • A Star Trek TNG shuttlecraft can be seen in the docking bay
  • The Bjorn seen mostly in the demo are a parody of the Borg. They are described as "assimilating" everyone, which the Borg tend to do. They also arrive in a cube-like ship. The Borg also use a cube ship (although the Bjorn Cube is an M.C. Escher impossible object, whereas the Borg Cube is just a cube).
  • Circuit Sydney is a parody of Data from TNG
  • The subtitle is derived from the opening dialogue from most Star Trek series.
  • There is some "Wild Roddenberry" flavored stuff in Boot Liquor, after Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.
  • Roger makes a comment about Stellar after she is declared dead that is reminiscent of a scene from Star Trek 6
  • The Datacorder greatly resembles the transcorder
  • Click the EYE-icon on the Sectors-command in the cyberspace office. The narrator says, "You probably want us to say something corny, like 'klingons in sector 2.8, Captain.[2]
  • Star Trek XVIII is one of the movies displayed on the marquee on Polysorbate LX.
  • Beleauxs' books in the lab include "The Hunt for Red Corpuscle" (The Hunt for Red October) and "All I Need to Know I Learned from the Q Continuum" - the Q Continuum is the being-place for the Q entity in Star Trek TNG and DS9.
  • A graffiti on the wall outside the arcade on Polysorbate LX reads "DARMOK+JALOD 4EVER". A reference to the Star Trek: TNG episode, "Darmok".
  • 8-Rear is a spoof on 10-Forward, the ship's lounge on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
  • Drinks in Boot Liquor include Star Beck (a spoof on "Star Trek"; the slogan for this beer is "it makes you go where no man has gone before", a spoof on the wellknown Star Trek opening monologue) and Major Kirin (Major Kira from Star Trek DS + Kirin is also a Japanese alcoholic beverage)
  • A graffiti in the brig on the DeepShip 86 reads "Sarek Lies!", in reference to Star Trek, where one of the characters is a Vulcan named Sarek.
  • When talking to the brig replicator, Roger will say: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot," in reference to Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The Vulgar nervegrip is obviously a spoof on the Vulcan nervegrip that Spock so often uses in the original Star Trek series.

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