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Star Wars is a series of epic science fiction action films. These films were directed by George Lucas. As of the release of Space Quest 6, only three had been made. This "original trilogy" starred a young Luke Skywalker as he and his comrades tried to take down the evil Darth Vader and the oppressive Galactic Empire.

The film series has been parodied in the Space Quest series numerous times.

General ParodyEdit

  • The Space Quest theme is a parody of the Star Wars theme.

Space Quest IIEdit

Space Quest IIIEdit

  • A Bowtie Fighter (a parody of the Imperial TIE Fighter) is seen among the collected garbage. It is referenced as dating back to the "cologne wars" (a reference to the Clone Wars [although they had only been mentioned once in the original trilogy])
  • The Aluminum Mallard is named after the Millennium Falcon

Space Quest IVEdit

  • A wrecked landspeeder can be seen in Space Quest XII
  • In the intro, Vohaul speaks to Roger using a communicator similar to those in Star Wars.

Space Quest VEdit

  • The simulator at the start of the game resembles the Millennium Falcon
  • Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi can be seen battling each other in the hallway.

Space Quest 6Edit

  • When investigating an Imperial Shuttle (Vader's personal ship), you hear someone say "Remember your parking space, Luke" (a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi speaking to Luke from beyond the dead)
  • One robot on Polysorbate LX is described as resembling "a vertically challenged Darth Vadar [sic]"
  • Fester Blatz has an R2 droid being used as a GenBlood blender.
  • Jebba the Hop is a parody of Jabba the Hut
  • It is revealed that after an "incident with the princess", the R2 line of droids was discontinued. This refers to Princess Leia.

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