Stunt Flyer

Stunt Flyer was a game on the same disk holding Roger Jr.'s brain and Brain Tools.


Flight Simulator game produced by Sierra and available for 48 buckazoids from the Bargain Bin at Software Excess.

Back of BoxEdit

Formerly entitled "Hero's Flyer," this is the flight simulator you've been waiting for. Tired of flight simulators that "load" and "run?" Still looking for a sim that really crashes? Featuring a stunning 3-D filled polygon, Stunt Flyer will have you going through the roof the moment you get home.


This game was left out from the original versions of Space Quest 4 for unknown reasons, but the image and an audio commentary were later found by fans in the game's data files. It has been made available again in the Space Quest 4 CD Version Update by NewRisingSun.

Sierra later created this game as a joke. In it, the game crashes upon the player crashing the airplane.