The Subspace Channel (SubChan or SSC for short) is a forum dedicated to Space Quest. Formerly, it was one of the most liveliest places to discuss the topic. The loss of public interest in the series over the decade since an official game has been released has caused a decline in membership. Many people, fed up with either the fact that there was nothing to talk about, the spambots, or other people, went their separate ways. Some relocated to the Janitorial Times; others simply left the community to move on with their lives. Recently, Jess, the administrator of the forum (and its host site, the Virtual Broomcloset), having been insulted on the pitiful state of his forum, began to take action to reinvigorate the SSC. He deleted thousands of spambots, petitioned the wayward souls who left the forum to come back and try again, and discussed a new direction for the SubChan.

However much the amount of SQ discussion has declined, the SubChan still holds a nostalgic part of many fans of Space Quest.

It may be found here: