Swineoids (also known as Andromedans[1]) are a race of porcine alien species. Swineoids are placid and harmless creatures with long, flat slitted snouts, pointy ears, and bristly hair. Their choice of bath condiments leaves alot to be disired. Famous Swineoids include the Two Guys from Andromeda and Snarkgurgle Snuffleslurple, The Younger.[2]

It was later discovered that Mark Crowe one of the original Two Guys was actually a Homo Sapien from Earth and had only impersonated an Andromedan Swineoid.

Note:While it is safe to say that the Two Guys and Snarkgurgle are or impersonated the Swineoid species, Snarkgurgle may not necessarily be "Andromedan".

Known SwineoidsEdit


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