The Daventry Zone

The Daventry Zone is a place beyond time, space, and dimension. That's right, it's the land of King's Quest!


The Daventry Zone is the location of the Land of Daventry, and may be somewhere onr or near Daventry VIII. It is the home of King Graham.

During the time that Roger Wilco was trapped in a card game simulation with other individuals from the Sierra multiverse, he spoke of his adventures and the ships he traveled on[1]. Jerry another individual trapped in the game spoke of his dreams to become an astronaught and pilot a shuttle. King Graham and Princess Rosella who were also stuck in simulation admitted that the stories of flying vehicles explained a strange metal object they had discovered in their moat a year before. Roger after hearing of their adventures admitted that Daventry seemed familiar to him, and he seemed to remember something about a "Don't Touch" button. He had ended up in the Daventry Zone when he pressed the wrong button in an escape pod. He had somehow survived, though how he returned to his own time is unknown.

However as he hadn't pushed the Don't Touch button on the Arcada escape pod, then he must have touched one on some other ship. Or he pushed the button in one of the alternate histories he experienced through his experiences of time travel.

Ken Williams and Roberta were visiting the castle when Roger landed there.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Daventry Zone is a reference to The Twilight Zone!


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