This is a page for The Sarien Encounter, the fictional movie that Roger Wilco made during his short period of fame after defeating the Sariens. If you are looking for the game "Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter" (AKA "Space Quest 1"), click here.

The ConceptEdit

The Sarien Encounter was a movie concept Roger Wilco was contracted to write and direct when he made his way to Hollyroid after saving Xenon and the Universe from the Sariens. It was believed to be his big break, and would be the end of Roger Wilco's career as a janitor.

Filming DisastersEdit

It was during the filming that things began to go terribly wrong. Quoted from the Galactic Inquirer Article, Whatever Happened to Roger Wilco?...

There were always problems on the set. Darth Lumix - the hulking, tree stump-necked actor who was to play Wilco was always at odds with Roger over the script. Then one day the special effects team, having accidentally destroyed the Orat monster suit, tried to cover themselves by secretly substituting a real, snarling Orat. This led to disaster as the large beast, taunted by Darth in a fight scene, raged out of control, ravaging the set and tearing the actor to shreds. Darth was hospitalized. Luckily they were able to find all the pieces. Not so luckily, millions of dollars in models and sets were lost.

The End of the Hollyroid DreamEdit

After that disaster, the studio that hired Roger cut their losses by canning the movie and tearing up Roger's Contract. Roger became disenchanted with Hollyroid, and eventually returned to his love of sanitation by getting a commission on board Xenon Orbital Station 4 as Janitor 2nd Class. Ultimately, the movie The Sarien Encounter was scrapped and it seemed that a feature film about Roger's exploits would never see the light of day.

New BeginningsEdit

However, the film would be brought back and finished without Roger's involvement. It was entitled Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter, and was shown fine establishments across the universe. It would spawn several sequel films including; Space Quest 2: Vohauls Revenge, Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon, Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers, and Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation. All films would receive make their run around the galaxy and were shown on backwater worlds including The Cinema on Polysorbate LX.