Ooh, deadly.

Thrakus is a strange new world. An asteroid-belt, perhaps remnants of a former moon, orbits the emerald-hued planet.


The planet's highly-toxic atmosphere requires the constant use of a Rebreather Mask. Fauna includes slimy gastropods that crawl on fungus stems. At different parts of the planet there are also intelligent life forms; inhabitants include Slep and Crutella.

The planet was established as the Pukoid main base during the incident involving Genetix. While escaping from SCS Goliath, Ambassador Beatrice Wankmeister crash-landed here, until was saved by Roger Wilco.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The asteroid belt which orbits Thrakus is much more concentrated than most asteroid fields. Asteroid fields in real life feature asteroids millions of kilometers apart and would not pose a threat to any vehicle navigating through them.

However, this nitpick is kinda of redundant in light that most science fiction stories contain these types of dense  'asteroid fields' that are dangerous to fly through including Star Wars, Star Trek, Wing Commander, the game Asteroids and Star Fox, and many others. One might remember the one back in Space Quest 1.

Also the asteroid belt is technically a 'planetary ring' rather than a true asteroid field.

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