This is a Timeline of the Space Quest and includes notes concerning time in the series.

Background Edit

There are numerous references to various years in a strangely Earth-centric format (and even a Space Quest version of the stardate in Space Quest 5, the most Trek-inspired game in the series), but they don't seem to be consistent.

The given dates can sometimes be confusing, the Galactic Enquirer is schizophrenic with its references to years in context of the future (3009/3010), and of "present" 1993 for example.

But in general the dates of Roger Wilco's history beginning in SQ1 of the timeline (with some help from the Companions) generaly 'grow' positively and consistently from around 30th century up into the 32nd century (including some stasis, time travel, and possibly time dilation events during the course of his travels).

Material beyond SQ5 becomes more vague, and spotty. As there are very little in way of specifics as to how much time passed between SQ5 and SQ6 (except that it must be greater than 3043, a date already 30 years past SQ5 according to the Popular Janitronics issue). To make matters worse, the only other specific dates given are far into the future (6345, with 6 crossed out and growing larger) which is extremely high (several thousand years after SQ5) and unlikely (when put into relation of the dates given in SQ5), even if assumed to be intentionally ludicrous joke (1. Who would predict development ending several thousand years after it begins? Perhaps a decade or less would make more sense. Only ten years has passed since it began).

In anycase this page is here to list all references to any specific spots in time that can be found throughout the series and a timeline that attempts to put the dates in an an order that's easy to follow.

In some cases the timeline can be confusing when another system is used during the series, such as various 'stardate' systems, however these alternate dating systems add a sense of realism - it's quite likely that different races at different places would have developed different calendars and time-keeping systems and in reality, creating a universal standard system would be an enormously difficult task, so it is possibly that they either likely haven't got around to it yet or found it too overwhelming and just gave up.


This is a timeline based on facts from various sources including the Space Question Companion.

Nottingham Castle
Smith and Wesson is founded (over a millenium before SQ1).
Sierra and John discovers tapes from several centuries in the future with Roger Wilco's biography .
Roger Wilco lands on Earth, with the Two Guys from Andromeda having passed through a blackhole from the future. The pair of unusual looking artists and programmers approached Ken Williams with an idea for a computer game.
Space Quest I is developed, and released both for 20th century gamers, and those of future in 3003.
Elvis tour.
The 3009 issue of Galactic Enquirer is published on earth, but sent to the future to its main readership.
StarCon is founded.
Radio Shock and Hz. So Good companies are founded.
Ships destined to be antique are built in 24th and one half century (one would ultimately end up on Kerona).
The '86 Pleides GL is produced (its several centuries old by the time of SQ1, and produced in a year ending in 86).
Summer; CDGIROMTV's is delivered.
PermaBuns are produced, awaiting delivery to Galaxy Galleria mall in 299 years.
November; Dandy Recipe Beamer's date of uplink.
A ship lands on Kerona and begins collecting dust.
Raems T. Quirk is born.
Roger boards the Arcada.
Roger Wilco was given a Arcada model builder for Christmas.
Space Quest 1.
Rumproast Droole is born.[1]
Space Quest 2.
Quirk's fleet is destroyed by the destruction of the Asteroid of Doom. It took almost a century for Quirk to return to the Comfederation.
'57 Gateway Bel-Air begins production (or older, destined to be a classic).
Clifford Crawford is born.[2]
Flo is born.[3]
Elmo Pug is born from a cloning tube.
Thanks to the technology of time travel Space Quest I simultaneously released both in 1986 and 3003 for both past and future gamers to enjoy (and be introduced the adventurers of Roger Wilco).
The Two Guys from Andromeda become famous (due to these Sierra games, and turning ScumSoft's eye towards them).
The Two Guys from Andromeda are kidnapped from their home in Andromeda.
Roger Wilco rescues the Two Guys from Andromeda from ScumSoft. Roger travels back in time to planet Earth.
Roger returns to the future from past Earth.
The Xenon invasion begins forces lead by Sludge Vohaul, and including the Pirates of Pestulon, Sariens, cloned insurance salesman, and ape troopers invade Xenon, Roger's home planet and steal the second Star Generator. Roger attempts to save it and ends up being sent into the Hoyle program. But later escapes and saves the day again.
Roger Wilco is interviewed by Flip Quasar for Space Piston Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 2 (that would be the February issue, if its published monthly).
Roger begins or attempts a six month vacation (throwing in Robertaland as one of his destinations).
Roger lands on Magmetheus on his way to Xenon (and is tossed into the future) (SQ4).
Roger returns to Magmetheus from the future. Discovering that the Aluminum Mallard has been towed away, and impounded. Roger barely has enough money to buy a flight back to Xenon.
February 15
Galactic Enquirer (Feb. 15 edition) is published, or rather reaches the future from 1993 to be sent to its readership (they have no idea where Roger has been despite the earlier Space Piston interview, but have heard rumors.)[4]
Roger signs up StarConfederation Academy about this time, for his first year of training as a cadet.
Roger Wilco passes the first year test, after a week of training, he becomes a StarCon Captain on the SCS Eureka (SQ5). He uncovers Quirk's treachery, and saves the galaxy.
Following the scandal involving top StarCon officials including the late Captain Quirk's illegal activity, Roger Wilco is made a scapegoat, and blamed for the misconduct, and is stripped of his rank (and is tossed out of the Academy). He became a janitor again, on board the Deepship 86.
Quimn Broom Works begins producing a line of brooms.[5]

Dating UnclearEdit

Note: Following the 3043 date, the timing of SQ6, SQ10, SQ12 (and the unseen SQ7 and SQ14) become unclear. No specific dates have been given (although certain details maybe interpreted). Roger does not appear to have noticeably aged between 3010 and the era SQ6 takes place (3080s or later?). This suggest that he's probably suffered time dilation at some point after SQ5 and before SQ6 (or he would have aged drastically, see Sharpei).

Construction of the Information Super Highway begins.
Roger Wilco begins phase where he is known to mark his territory, this would end roughly somewhere around 3079 (this occurred in the 'seventies' although technically which 'seventies' is not clear, he was not around for the 2970s but rather in ColdSLeep at the time).
Popular Janitronics has a lawsuit put against the company.
Two hit games came out including More Dull Kombat 2 and Beat the Crap out of the Encyclopedia Britannica Kid.
Ursula K. LeGuiness Stout, a perenially popular refreshment becomes the winner of the Nebuale award.
Roger Wilco cheats on Zondra of the Latex Babes (exact date unknown presumably within the last few decades).
Popular Janitronics publishes its December issue.
Galaxy Galleria is opened.
Monolith Burger begins hiring for Assistant Manager.
Popular Janitronics publishes its January issue (Vol. 1, Issue 2)
SQ7-9 (these must take place within the same year as SQ6, or roughly into the following year)
Roger Wilco travels from the past to the era of Space Quest X: Latex Babes of Estros. He is captured by the Latex Babes.
Roger Wilco visits the Galaxy Galleria mall one week following the one year anniversery of the Grand Opening of the Galaxy Galleria mall.[6] He is hired as Assistant Manager at Monolith Burger for a time.
Roger Jr. is born. He is named by his father following the Wilco family tradition.
Roger is a senile old man (and apparently reaching the end of his life).
The people of Xenon finish construction on the super computer (there was 3 years between when the computer was constructed and when it was infected, it is unclear how much time passed between the infection and SQ12).
Around this time, the Super Computer is infected by Sludge Vohaul (how much time passed between the infection and SQ12 is unclear, the companion puts at least a week into that period).
SQXII ('about two centuries after SQ1 (Roger speculated a 'couple of centuries')) Roger does not exist in this era, but is long remembered for his heroic deeds in the past.
Initial predicated date that information superhighway would be finished.
Second predicated date that information superhighway would be finishe (Sometime after the prediction was made development was cancelled).
Borth pass the Be Kind to Dumb Animals Act.
c. 4 Billion Years
Gidget goes supernova.


According to the official Space Quest Companion the series is said to be based on his actual adventures in the future (though the references to time travel may confuse the issue somewhat);

"Here's a big, big hello from the future. Your future. And while a lot of the future is already my past, a lot of my past is still my future. And I'd like to keep it that way. Time travel can sometimes be so confusing, especially when you really don't know what you're doing. There is an old saying, ancient beyond galactic reckoning, that asserts that some beings strive to attain greatness, while other have greatness thrust upon them. I'm Roger Wilco, Space Ranger, hero of Xenon, rescuer of the galaxy, savior of the universe - and probably all of Time and Space as we know it"
-Roger Wilco, A Message From Beyond Time and Space[7]

The Space Quest CompanionEdit

  • Smith and Wesson had been manufacturing premium weapons for over a millenium. This is the closest to a approximate date when SQ1 takes place, over thousand years after the founding of the real life company (however another specific approximate date can also be figured out by working 100 years backwards from 3009/3010 the date of SQ5, or 2909/2910).[8]
  • According to The Space Quest Companion, at least one of the Two Guys admits they are from the future (or at least claims to be).
  • Roger mentions he sent his journal back into the past to 1984 on Terra III to Sierra Online telling about himself.
  • The year before he sent his biography, ancient software was discovered while escavating on Terra III[9]
  • Two years later, Roger's journal is used by the Two Guys and becomes the basis for the video game series and the games released by Sierra.
  • During Space Quest III Roger travelled back in time through the black hole reaching Earth in the past.
  • Copies of the video games will later be dug up on Terra III and Roger learns about them.
  • Roger Wilco had been on the Arcada for over half a year.
  • Space Quest II starts about a year after the first game. Roger had been on sabbatical between both games, before becoming head janitor of the XOS4[10] (this seems to be a nod to the Space Piston comic allowing time for Roger Wilco to work on the film)
  • Cleaver was to be elected another 4 more years.
  • SQ3-5 take place about a century after SQ1/2.
Roger had been in ColdSleep storage after escaping the Asteroid of Doom for nearly a century, before he was picked up the Gar'Bage freighter. Arnoid had been hunting for Roger for nearly a century.[11]
Roger learns the current date, leaning that century had passed from Fester (he doesn't give the exact date to the reader to avoid a paradox from happening).[12]
On Magmetheus, it had been a century since Roger last Sludge Vohaul.[13]
Beatrice knows of Roger saving Xenon almost a century before.[14] Roger hadn't payed off his debt in 'over a century', so WD40 was sent after him.[15]
  • In the SQ12 Era, Sludge Vohaul comments that his original body has been dead for over a hundred years[16] This suggests that the SQ12 era isn't long after SQ4 era, or rather must be within a hundred years of SQ4 (although SQ6 references sort of put a flaw In this). Although technically any year greater than 100 years would be over a hundred years even if two centuries passed even.
  • Also in SQ12 Era, Roger Wilco feels he is living in the wrong century when he first activates the timepod to go to SQX. This may suggest that if he was right, SQ12 takes place in the century following 3008-10 (into the 3100s), but then again he's suffering from Deja Vu, and may just be sending that he's in the century following SQ2 again (the 3000s).
  • It is mentioned that Roger Wilco Jr., is in his teens or early twenties.[17]
  • The Galaxy Galleria was opened a year and a week before SQX. During the era of SQ4 (and possible SQ5) it hadn't been built yet.[18]
  • StarCon is millenia old at the time of SQ5.[19]
  • Roger had been in the StarCon Academy for a year. He hadn't slept fully during that time due to the StarCon's caffeine implants.[20]
  • Professor Lloyd sent Roger Jr, and other time rippers back to into the past, to Magmetheus, approximately one week, before Roger discovered his last message.[21]
  • Roger's letter to the past looks as if it may have been written in part between SQ3 and SQ5. He alludes to having obtained the SQ4 hintbook, and how it talked about events he hadn't yet experienced, since parting ways with the Two Guys (although he may loosely based on the idea of the hintbook 'predicting' Roger's journey to Ulence Flats). Roger also mentions SQ12, and Next Mutation. The edits between first and second edition may explain some if the context. However there may also be material unpublished by the Spears alluded to within the book as well.
  • According to QUirk it seems that after a century, Wilco's family is gone.
  • Roger had lost track in SQ5 era if it had been years or centuries since he had been on Phleebut.

Space Quest I VGAEdit

  • A space ship in SQ1 VGA says that a ship is an antique from the twenty fourth and a half century (a nod to Duck Dodgers).
  • The sand skimmer is a '86 Pleides GL (The SQ Companion says that its several centuries old).
  • One of the ships has been on the planet for about fifty years collecting dust.
  • The don't touch button leads to the Dark Ages near Nottingham Castle, this was 1193 in Conquests of the Longbow.
  • Roger skipped last months shower.[22]
  • The Construct-O-Foam buildings in Ulence Flat won't last more than a couple of thousand years.

Space Quest I EGAEdit

  • Reimbursement from Gippazoid takes two decades for delivery (SQ1EGA).

Space Quest IIIEdit

  • Elmo Pug has his 14th birthday.
  • The game calls the trip to earth travelling to a parallel universe. Other sources suggest it was time travel. But time travel and parallel universe travel can be interrelated.

Space Quest IVEdit

  • The space piston magazine makes references to several points in history, including various points of earth history. The 'present' for the issue seems to be largely focused around SQX era (judging by all the references to Galaxy Galleria mall), although Roger is interviewed during the SQ4 era (a time traveling interview apparently). The issue itself is apparently the February issue (vol. 2, if it is published monthly), but only assuming it follows an 'earth' based publishing schedule (however its another one of those, apparently published on 'Earth" deals as its editor staff shows, c. 1991, and the series does stay rather Earth centric with hits months and dates).
  • Professor Lloyd's Data entry is listed as "22.795", which could be a stardate (or the number of the entry).
  • Three years passed between the time the Supercomputer was activated on Xenon and the time that Sludge Vohaul was installed on the computer via a Leisure Suit Larry disk.
  • Radio Shock/Hz So Good catalogue mentions 24th century, Summer 2735 and November 2803. One of these references mentions it carries new and exciting products of the 24th century (suggesting that SQX takes place in the 2300s), and that other things are to be delivered in 2735 (28th century) and 2803 (29th century). This however, causes issues with SQ5 (set in the 31st century), or SQ1VGA which clearly places the 24th century in the past (antiques from before SQ1 era). One can only assume that there is a paradox going on, or that the store caters to time travelers (as hinted in the Space Piston Magazine).
  • The PermBuns are 299 years old, and have a shelf life of three centuries exactly.
  • Roger Jr. was born 19 years before SQ12.
  • It may be implied that Roger Wilco has smelled the sidewalk on Xenon since it was first put in. This implies that Space Quest XII may take place hundreds of years after SQI era.[23], it also says; "You look out at the city you were born in, decades ago. You're sure glad you weren't there when this devastation happened; you might have gotten hurt."[24] (though this would seem imply less time has passed, but also suggests that Roger does not exist in this era as well).
  • Eau de Water Buffalo went out style epics ago.
  • prehistoric Florida, 12th century, 19th Century
  • Sally Farnsworth writes about missing issues eight years after the "current issue".
  • Seymour Nebulas subscription runs 11 years after 'current issue'
  • Space Piston magazine begins using flux protected wrappers 12 years after 'current issues'.
  • The einsteins write about 17 months from the current issue.
  • Smokey sold his dad a hogpod 2 months before the current issue.
  • Gidget goes nova in about 4 billion years from current issue.
  • Roger wanted to go on vacation for six months.
  • Both physically and relatively Roger is older than his son. His son looks younger than he does. It never specifically says what age Roger is, but he maybe at least ten years older than his son (the companion suggests that Roger Wilco is older than his twenties possibly thirities while his son is in his late tweens to twenties.).
  • Many of the jokes in SQ4 play off of Roger being "young" in SQ1 and "old" in SQ4-12 era;
Even when you were younger, way back in Space Quest 1, you couldn't have pulled that off at this distance.
You're starting to show your age.
Watching this fine youngster brings back fond memories of your youth. Little did you know that all those hours of playing Blazin' Paddles were in preparation for being a space-guy hero-type.
You're getting old, Roger. I, on the other hand, am enjoying the physical joys of youth.

Space Quest VEdit

  • The Galactic Inquirer is the Feb. 15, 3009, Vol. 67, No. 32 issue, but as the editors page mentions it, it was published in the U.S.A on earth by Sierra On-Line in 1993 (and apparently sent to the future, to be read by readers of the future). It has an odd mix of both Milky Way and Earnon/Andromeda perspective articles suggesting that material is submitted by a diverse range of species across the universe/s. The use of February is a rather Earth centric month designation, that does appear to indicate that the issue is for a 'future' audience..
  • Vol 67 would suggest that its 67 year old publication. As Sierra was not that old, it would mean it probably started its publication in the future, but before Sierra took over publishing it in the past. Issue likely doesn't mean that its 32 months into the year, but magazines generally have weekly publishing dates. 32 weeks before February would suggest that the volumes change roughly in the middle of June.
  • Gir Draxon makes predictions for the year 3010.
  • In Borth time, a there was a Be Kind to Dumb Animals Act of 18453. It is unclear if this is a stardate type of notation, a future date (time travel involved), the Borth calendar, or some other type of time notation).
  • Galactic Inquirer mentions that SQ2 took place one year after SQ1. It also makes a nod to rumors of Roger going down a blackhole to Earth, and Flip's interview with Roger on Magmetheus.
  • The Inquirer was published about a week to a year before the events of the game, it talks about Ambassador Wankmeister being scheduled to testify with her evidence of the sludge bandits before a StarCon judiciary subcommitee "next week". In Gir Draxon's predictions the "shake up" and turning a janitor into a scapegoat would occur in 3010.
  • The Inquirer claims that the Two Guys "rocketed onto the scene six years ago, an producing the first Space Quest adventure, introducing Roger Wilco's adventures", this would seem that they developed the first game six years ago, right after Roger Wilco saved them from ScumSoft (but time is relative in this reference? 6 years before 1993?, or Space Quest I was released in the future in 3003?, or both are true?). Alternatively it could mean that SQ1 occurred 6 years ago, and was recorded by the Two Guys. At least part of the article appears to be written from an earth bound perspective, the other half appears to be written from Galactic Inquierer 'future' perspective. It was written before the release of SQ5, and the magazine itself was published originally on Earth in 1993 before apparently being sent to the future. Note: From development perspective Space Quest 1 was published in 1986, and SQ5 was published in 1993, which mean actually 7 years passed between the games (which denies the possibility that hte reference was referring to real Earth time).
  • A few of the enquirer articles appear to refer to events or persons who existed during the 20th century (suggesting that time travel is connected to a few of the articles). Among these is the expose of Mark Crowe at a birthday party on Earth. Also noting that the issue itself was printed in 1993, although sent to 3009 for its main readership. An article about Dick Clark mentions that he was a robot sent to the 20th century from the space-time continuum also indicating that Space Quest present was in the future.
  • Beatrice mentions that Roger was a hero who stopped the Sariens "some years ago". Roger mentions he had a run in with Arnoid on the planet Phleebut a "few years back". Both of these appear to suggest less time than a century passed between SQ5 and those events. But could also be considered vague hyperbole used by each character.
  • The Main Rotunda of the StarCon Academy was dedicated on stardate 09-2097.27.
  • In the intro, the stardate 2709.67 is mentioned in the simulator.
  • The logs on Klorox II were written on stardate 3012.68, 3015.68, 3016.68, and 3017.68.
  • The Genetix computer has a bios made by Scumsoft, Inc, Stardated 12.245.67.
  • The Genetics computer has time stamps(these appear to be military time notations rather than a stardate Hours, minutes, and seconds) including : 1821.20, 1821.56, 1822.59, 1242.11, 1243.32, 1229.01, 1230.08, 1253.11, 1255.32, 1258.59, 1300:45, 1300:47, 1302.12, 1303.34, 1305.17, 1310.17, 1312.44, 1315.17, 1317.44, 1320.26, 1322.44, 1324:59, 1327:12, 1329:02, 1339:02.
  • Stardates listed at Genetix labs logfiles, include, 3234.22, 3237.12, 3243.19, 3252.06, and 3263.11.

Space Quest 6Edit

  • History classes about the 20th Century is mentioned in the manual, and an in-game comment suggests its far in the future beyond the 20th Century.[25].
  • A sign at the Information Superhighway shows the estimated time of completion as 6345, where the first letter has been crossed out, gone from 6 to 9 and then just changed to "NEVER". This could either indicate that 1000 "years" passes rather quickly in Cyberspace (judging from the low decay) or that the number could be read backwards, in which case it would have just gone from 5436 to 5439.
  • A shuttle is a '57 Gateway Bel-Air. Two interpetations here, if SQ6 takes place closer to 3043 (as mentioned in a reference to Quimn Brooms) then '57 must be 2957 (in the previous century), otherwise SQ6 must take place several decades after 3057.
  • Roger never made it beyond the 1st year in StarCon Academy, so he doesn't know what a second-year cadet would know. Roger should have the knowledge of at least a second year cadet (However, he never made it beyond first-year.) This is a reference to SQ5 suggesting there was only a year from the time Roger entered the Academy and the end of SQ5.
  • Popular Janitronics had a lawsuit two years before the 'current' December issue.
  • Popular Janitronics is in its 1st issue of its second volume. This would suggest that it has been published for not much longer than a year. This maybe its second incarnation after the previous version went defunct (due to the lawsuit?).
  • Landfill diggers dig through 100 years of Twentieth Century landfills.
  • The ATM card that Roger brought along from SQX also poses some questions as it is said to be expired by SQ6. This has inspired some interesting theories.
  • A poster mentions, "Elvis 1987"
  • A comment is made that many of the humanoids in the galaxy had evolved from the humans of Earth.
  • Country and western music was outlawed centuries ago in an attempt to reduce alcoholism.
  • Novelty lamps that were all the rage a century or two ago.
  • It has been a few years since Roger saw Fester Blatz.[26]
  • Old highway safety devices from ten years ago.
  • Nose Nuggets travel on vacation for 30,000 years, and then hibernate for 4,000.
  • Two hit games came out a year before SQ6 including More Dull Kombat 2 and Beat the Crap out of the Encyclopedia Britannica Kid..
  • ...earns the Nebulae reward a year before SQ6.
  • Roger will be physically old and senile after he lives another 50 years.
  • Galaxy Gallaria Mall appears to be open at this point in time, according to Popular Janitronics, and is requesting a Food Server (this could suggest that SQ6 occurs same year as SQX). In addition Roger the janitor has already metZondra, and two timed her as mentioned in the ComPost for Latex Babes (apparently between SQ5 and 6).
  • Quimn Broom Works have been manufacturing quality broom since 3043. SQ6 would have to take place after this date (assuming its not a 'future time travel' reference). This does not appear to be in a stardate format but standard earth dating (Popular Janitronics is published on Earth, although perhaps in the past like Galactic Inquirer).
  • Construction of the information superhighway began approximately 10 years before SQ6.[27]
  • Win2001 and Win2095 are mentioned as being 'future releases'?
  • ...phase that passed in the 'seventies' (the context here is a phase that Roger went through in the past). Seventies would likely refer to either 2970 (the century before 3043) or after 3070 after 3043. On the one hand if the narrator represents Roger's jumbled thought patterns and ideas (Roger was not around to experience 2970 as he woke up from Cold Sleep around 3008-3010). It's clearly not going to make much sense to refer to something that occurred over 130 years before (closer to when Roger was born in the 2870s) as the 70s.
  • Fibersteel in Polycorbomite sheathing, no rust, chip, peel in twelve millenia.
  • The Official Player's Guide places Pelvis Brelsford in the 22nd century.

Space Quest XEdit

  • The Radio Shock/Hz So Good Catalog refers to its products as "24th century electronics" (that is between 2301 and 2400).
  • CDGIROMTV's estimated delivery is mentioned as 2735.
  • Dandy Recipe Beamer's estimated date of uplink is November, 2803.

The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space AdventuresEdit

The book gives no specific dates as to when Space Quest takes place, although there are a few comments made by Roger imply that the adventures take place in the distant future.

  • Roger Wilco knew he wanted to be a janitor at the age of five.[28]
  • Roger Wilco was given a Arcada model builder for Christmas the year before SQ1.[29]
  • Roger describes himself as going to work at Xenon Orbital Station 4 the first day after obtaining the gold mop and his boss claims he was a hero 'yesterday', and a janitor 'today'(though this sounds like hyperbole).
  • Xenon stopped dealing with Ronko Corporation months before SQ2.[30]
  • Roger Wilco wondered if he had been asleep in the escape pod for about one thousand years between Space Quest 2 and Space Quest 3, when he first awoke from his sleep.[31] Later after exploring his surroundings a bit, he wonders if less time had actually passed, a thousand days passed, or 'more probably, a thousand minutes since he fell asleep (he believes some of the Fortress of Doom's debris were picked up by the garbage freighter). At one point, Roger speculates that a over a year had passed between SQ1/SQ2 and SQ3, and later thinks two years/couple of years, has passed between SQ1 and SQ3 (these are Roger's speculation at the exact moment he woke up, and a little after, while inside of the garbage freighter, and he had no way checking the accuracy of his thoughts).
  • When roger plays Astro Chicken, he thinks that only a 'few short months' have passed between SQ2 and SQ3.
  • Roger wondered if he had been sent into the future a couple of hundred years in the SQ12 era (again this is based on Roger's own speculation at the moment he was sent into the future, and he had no way of verifying his theory).[32]}}

Hoyle IEdit

Roger apparently drives a '57 Chevy back on Xenon (not clear if this is 2857 Chevy (fromt he Century before SQ1), or a 2957 Chevy (from the century before SQ3), it is at least in a period before SQ4. Or perhaps Roger is a fan of the classics and literally drives a 1957 Chevy....

Parallel UniversesEdit

Thanks to a number of changes caused by time travel (Roger Wilco, Two Guys From Andromeda, Sludge Vohaul and the Sequel Police, and the Time Rippers, etc) there are number of parallel timelines that have apparently formed around Roger Wilco's exploits, but how they interrelate to each other is unclear (There also appears to be a level of 'self correction' in which all the minor universe deviations try to merge back into a single proper timeline).

The divisions can be described as such in the Parallel universe article.

Note: The SQ1 comic The Adventures of Roger Wilco: The Sarien Encounter, appears to be yet another parallel universe that blends elements of SQ1EGA and SQ1VGA, with other deviations.


  • Sludge Vohaul notes that Roger Sr. is "old" compared to his son in "SQ12" (although physically, and based on the approximate amount of time skipped via time travel, they should be roughly the same age), Vohaul appears to be speaking in literal physical sense rather than metaphorical (even in the Space Quest Companion before Roger learns the Time Ripper's identity Roger mentions that the time ripper looks younger than him in his teens to early twenties). The fact that Roger is apparently physically older than his son, would seem to imply that he is at least a decade older than his son (29 to Jr's 19), Roger ages no more than a year between SQ4 and SQ5 (and does not appear to age noticeably between SQ5 and SQ6), implying yet more time travel, time dilation, or suspended animation between SQ5 and SQ6. Assuming Roger is roughly the same age physically in SQ5 and SQ6 (paradoxes aside) this could make him physically between 29-39 most likely (senility would strike in 50 years or roughly when he is 79-89).
  • Based on age given for Elmo Pug and references made in other sources (including the Popular Janitronics), Elmo Pug would have been at upward of 87 (although he doesn't look a day olver 40, so like Roger some time travel/time dilation/suspended animation may be involved)! He certainly looks as if decades have passed (he was only 14 in SQ3) and has grown into an middle-aged or older man (certainly of drinking age).
  • Captain Quirk also has history spanning at least a century. He may have suffered some time dilation on his attempt to return to StarCon after the destruction of his Armada by the exploding Fortress of Doom, as he appeared to be only 38 at the time of SQ5 (this may be his physical age, and his age as he perceived time, even if he ended up traveling to the future). However, he also admits that he used several procederes to outlive everyone who knew him. and appear young, so he actually much older than he claims to be.
  • In the Galactic Enquirer, Gir Draxon predicts that around 3010 or so, that Roger Wilco would become a scapegoat and blamed for the events of the Sludge Bandits. This appears to be a prediction of Roger Wilco's demotion following the events of SQ5 and at the beginning of SQ6. It would seem that some 70 years pass between the demotion and when the game begins on board the DeepShip 86. Roger does not appear to have aged much between the time of SQ5 and SQ6. Did Roger he find himself in another time travel event between his demotion and the main events of SQ6? Or was the 3043 reference in the SQ6 manual a 'future date' advertisement via time travel (and SQ6 occured at an earlier time)? Or alternative time dilation occurred between the hyperjump at the end of SQ5, and the Goliath jumped 60-70 years, and thus Wilco had been demoted only recently (in the last decade at most).
Note: That information between two lines in SQ6 confirms that Roger Wilco was demoted and tossed out of the Academy at the end of his first year at the Academy (note more specifically it says he never made it past his first year, so even if 60-70 years had passed under time dilation it would still be true)[33]. Thus confirming Gir Draxon's prediction. But not explaining how much time passed between his demotion and the main events of the game. SQ6 refers to the 'seventies', this is not exactly clear which seventies it is suggesting. But context and basic English usage would imply the previous seventies. Roger indisposed to take part in the 2970s (and the 2870s which he likely did live through were almost two centuries back), thus suggesting that it must be referring to the 3070s (indicating much later period for SQ6).
  • Radio Shock/Hz Be Good in SQX era appears to claim that SQX is set in the 24th Century (2301-3400) long before 2735, this would make it take place before SQ1VGA (vehicles from 2350 are already antiques) and SQ5 (3009/3010), and SQ6 after 3043, and 3080 or higher.
However, as mentioned it appears to cause a number of paradoxes (as SQX does appear to take place after SQ5/6 but before SQ12). On the other hand some of the events alluded to in SQX have apparently taken place already by the time of SQ6, see Latex Babes. Galaxy Gallaria is already open for centuries by the time of SQ6 if this is the case. Where it is suggested it doesn't exist in the era of SQ1-2, or 3-5, and won't be open until later.
  • Space Quest 1 makes reference to an antique space vehicle from the 24th and half century, and SQ6 makes reference to a mint-condition (also indicating a classic or antique vehicle.) While there aren't necessarily strict universal standards in the real world, in general classic vehicles or antique vehicles range between 25 to a hundred years or over. If this basic principle is used as a guidline then the SQ1VGA must take place at least a hundred years after 24th century. In addition it must take place after at least '86 in a previous century from the '86 Pleaides SL (and be such a classic, or limited to production in a certain century, that people would know automatically what '86 means, even if greater than hundred years passes). In addition the Space Quest Companion adds that it once belonged to Tunuctipin's great-aunt, and she hadn't tuned it for several centuries (this detail suggest that it has to be more than two centuries old). Likewise there is the '57 Chevy and the '57 Gateway Bel-Air (it would appear there must be at least 25 to hundred years or more since its production). For the Bel-Air if 25 years passed since its release, it would be 3082, if a hundred years passed it would be 3157 (which seems less likely considering the distance from 3043 date for Quimn Broom Works).
  • Speaking of Quinm Broom Works, in context its not likely that a business would advertise "manufacurating of quality brooms since 3043" unless they were around for several decades. The company is actually a reference "Quinn Broom Works" who advertise "Manufacturing of quality brooms since 1925"[34] as SQ6 came out in 1995 (that was literally 75 years of quality at the time, 75 years from 3043 would place it 3118). Now its less likely that SQ6 would take place 75 years after 3043 (as that would place almost 200 years after SQ5), the seventies reference in SQ6 may suggest that at least 37 years has passed since it was founded.
  • Roger Jr.'s birth era is not known. It is unclear if he even knew his father, but instead remembers his father from stories, it seems. He does not appear to exist by the time of SQ6 implying that he had to have been born in SQ7-10 or later. His existence in SQ10 era is not known. Roger certainly does not exist in the era of SQ12 (implying that he is dead and only a memory). As Xenonites are born in testtubes its possible he was even created long after Roger's death. Roger knows of his mother, but refuses to speak of her fate. She does not appear to exist in SQ12 era either. The only detail that is certain is that Roger Jr. was born nineteen years before SQ12. SQ6 predicts that Roger will live at least another fifty years to reach senility. For Roger Jr. to live in the time after he dies, this would suggest he would have had to have been born when Roger was an old man. Of course its possible that Roger didn't die, but simply 'skipped' a long period again in suspended animation, time travel, or time dilation (with the possibility of appearing at a future date, ever closing the gap of age between him and his son), in which case that senility in 50 years could take place much later in the timeline when physical aging finally catches up with him.
  • A coupon good a Monolith Burgers until, Dec. 31, 2388.[35]
  • The Sierra Explorer newspaper has a stardate of 3025.3.


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