Ugoids are a green-skinned race native to the planet UglyStick IV. Gowitda Florence Qwerty is a member of this race.


Ugoids are a faintly humanoid species that possesses overly developed eyes and ears, nine toes on one foot, and has a lime green colorization. They have tongues like universal solvent. Ugoids are one of the few forms of life in the galaxy who are born old (actually, in their particular case hatched), and who grow younger as the years pass (although you wouldn't believe it by looking at them). Because of this, most ugoids in the Fleet look like unduly aged vid stars trying to appear as they had in their youth.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear but the Rigellians may be a subrace of the Ugoids, or she just into doing it Rigellian style.

Ugoids is a reference to the word "ugly", their planet is a reference to the saying "hit by the ugly stick".


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